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How To Hide Apps in iOS 9

How To Hide Apps

So I like to keep my mobile device’s home screen decluttered and as simplistic as I can. However, there is an issue people might face in trying to declutter the screens of their iOS 9 devices as Apple only allows you to remove stock options from the Home screen when you disable the said stock applications on your device. So you’re looking at a long and laborious process of trying to disable the iTunes Store, iBooks Store as well Podcasts application on your device via the Restrictions feature.

But what would you say if I told you how to hide apps temporarily using a much faster and easier way? (I suppose you’ll tell me how great a person I am *wink* *wink*). Just check out the following steps.

Note: Make sure that your iOS device uses iOS 9 version before attempting to do this tutorial.

Step 1: Click on and then hold an icon on your Home Screen.

Step 2: Now when the icons start to vibrate and wiggle then drag the icon you want to hide on to another application’s icon. You should also ensure that you don’t let go of your finger while doing so.

Step 3: Doing this will now make a folder. You should now drag the icon of the application to the second page of the said folder.

Step 4: Now drag the icon of the application to the third page of the folder, again without letting go with your finger.

Step 5: Now drag the icon of the application to either of the edges of the folder and while pressing the Home button at the same time.

This trick will temporarily hide the icons of the stock applications from your home screen and so your application is not really deleted. You can launch the application via Spotlight Search or if you really want to restore the settings of your iOS device you can restore it to unhide the icons of the stock applications. This trick was shared by YouTuber Jose Rodriguez on his YouTube page.

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