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How To Have A Good Night Sleep

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Good Night Sleep

Raise your hand if you ever had trouble falling asleep. We’ve all been there at least once — all different reasons. Maybe you are stressing out because of your job. That deadline for your report is coming up, and you have barely started it, or you have exams coming up. The important event the next day can also be the reason why you are having trouble falling asleep. Even little things can keep you wild awake, like the grocery list, where you are trying to remember all the needed items, or if you should try out all sex sites.

Aside from that, now that we are all under worldwide lockdown, a lot of us are getting more and more anxious, which doesn’t help much late at night when we are trying to fall asleep. Despite all of that, there are ways for you to fall asleep peacefully and have that much-needed rest before the important day or any day, to be honest. 

Anyway, the best way to fall asleep is to meditate. There are plenty of applications that will get you all settled even if you have never also tried it. You will get guided sessions. The basis of any meditation is breathing. You are focusing on those in and out sessions, and your body will automatically relax. There are now plenty of free apps that will help you to make the first step.

The app is not for you? It’s fine. Just lay down and relax, try to relax your entire body, and then take a deep breath in and out. Concentrate on your breathing, and it is fine if you still have other thoughts in your head. Once they appear — slowly drift away from them back your breath. It will take up to 5 minutes. Meditation will help to release the tension in your body and focus on relaxation.

The next step is lighting. You might not even realize that the small green or red light on your charger might be that little thing that might keep you awake. Try also to illuminate blue light. Read a printed book for 20 minutes before sleep instead of checking your phone. If you want to listen to some calm music on your laptop or phone, make sure the brightness is off on the screen.

If coffee is your jam, try to avoid it after 2-3 pm. Coffee stays in your body for around 6 hours. Also, a lot of caffeine might increase your anxiety, which usually leads to a lack of sleep. After each cup of coffee, try to drink two glasses of water.

Try to avoid long naps during the day. Even though some studies showing that daily naps increase the productivity of your brain and help to focus more afterward, long naps might screw with your entire daily routine and might be the reason you are up till 2 am.

Avoid eating too late. The closer to the bedtime you eat, the more difficult you make it for your body and stomach to work. Usually, scientists and doctors suggest eating at least 4 hours before sleep. That way, your body won’t keep you awake while trying to digest all the food. This is another explanation of why it is important to eat lightly in the evening.

Set the temperature in your bedroom. Fresh air helps to fall asleep faster. So open up your windows for 10-15 minutes during the day and right before you go to bed. The temperature should be comfortable for you and give you the feeling that you are breathing fresh air.

Luxurious bamboo alpaca quilts (duvets) are designed with superior thermoregulation and breathability to keep you warm and comfortable all year. Check on this site.

Meanwhile, you can go and take a relaxing shower or bath. It can be only for 5-10 minutes. That is also a great way to imagine washing off all your troubles away, in case if you had a very long day.

Last but not least, you should have a comfortable mattress, pillow, bamboo quilt cover, and bedsheets. Also, wash your sheets regularly. The smell and feeling of fresh bed sheets will give that mental peace and gives you more chances to fall asleep faster and have the sweetest dreams ever.

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