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How to Get More Views on YouTube: 5 Tips

You Tube Views

With 1-billion hours of daily watch time, YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. It is what millions of people use for answers, guides, and tips. No wonder, businesses consider it the best place for promotions!

But, here’s the problem. While there are more viewers, there are also more people uploading content. The competition is pretty high for both independent creators and professional companies.

So, if you want to battle this competition and increase viewership, it’s time to use some YouTube growth hacks. In this article, we’ve discussed the 5-best ways to get more views on YouTube. Read more!

Optimize Video Titles

Like any other search engine, YouTube uses algorithms to analyze the uploaded videos and rank them in the search results according to relevancy. The higher a video ranks, the more people find and watch it. So, it’s highly important to optimize your videos with as much information as possible (also called YouTube SEO).

Mainly, you should focus on the video title. Does it include relevant keywords? Is it between 60 to 70-characters long? Is it compelling and catchy?

Consider all these questions when creating the title. You can easily find the best keywords from the search bar. Just type the potential keyword and choose the words that the search bar offers. Alternatively, you can use free tools like Google Trends.

Create Playlists

Playlists are a great way to keep your viewers watching the videos. The autoplay feature continues to provide relevant content to the audience. Since it takes effort to stop and actively exit the video, people end up binge-watching!

Also, the playlist titles offer you an opportunity to increase search rankings. You can use target keywords in them for more visibility. Note: Make sure that the videos you add to a playlist have some connection, or your audience might become irritated.

Add End Screens & Cards

An end screen refers to a unique frame positioned at the end of the videos to provide summary or call-to-action statements. Meanwhile, a card is a CTA tool that pops up in the middle of the video. It can direct viewers to other videos, ask them to subscribe, etc.

Both of these features are excellent for increasing views. You can use them to promote related videos and content. However, only verified accounts can access these advanced creator tools.

Share Videos on Other Social Media Platforms

An average person spends 147-minutes on social media. Combine this statistic with the fact that there are 290-million users on Twitter, 1-billion users on Instagram, and over 2.9 billion users on Facebook. What could be better than sharing your videos on these platforms!

There is a massive audience available on social media. You can use these numbers to get more views and even subscribers. Just create your channel accounts and build a following there.

Whenever you release a video on YouTube, make a short trailer and upload it on those accounts. You can also create a website and promote your videos through blogs. Or, write guest posts with embedded video links and publish them on popular sites!

Ask Your Viewers to Subscribe!

Last but not least, always ask your viewers to subscribe to the videos. You can either say it yourself or add a subscribe button in the videos.

While this may not get new viewers, it will definitely help retain the existing ones. Plus, subscribing means that your viewers will get notified every time you post new content. It will help you build a steady stream of views on all your videos.

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