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How to Get Higher and Better Search Results on Google: Top Business Tips

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Did you know that Google abandoned traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 2013? Traditional SEO such as picking the right keywords, Alt text on images, and all other SEO guidelines are still important, but since 2013 they have taken a back seat. What matters to Google these days is website popularity based on positive user experience.

With that in mind, here is how to get higher rankings on the Google search engine.

Concentrate on Search Experience Optimization

Traditional SEO still matters but it matters for two reasons. The first reason is that most other search engines, search apps, and web crawlers still use traditional SEO rules to power their algorithms. Secondly, mostly all the SEO rules help make a website more user-friendly. Try out a few of these tips and tricks when using traditional SEO and keywords.

For example, adding descriptive alt tags to your images helps users who do not load images or who cannot see very well. Your keywords should occur naturally anyway if you are sticking to the topic, so keywords enhance the user experience if they are not forced. The new rule is Search Experience Optimization, which means putting your user first before your SEO concerns.

Use Affiliate Advertising to Get Closer to Your Target Audience

Google has made it clear that websites using Google Ads will take priority in their search engine results but using any form of affiliate advertising (not just Google Ads) will enhance your search engine ranking almost as a byproduct of their use.

The reason for this is that affiliate advertising can expose you to your target audience in a way that you are otherwise unable. For example, you will probably never have a guest post on a major news network like Fox News or the BBC, but one of your ads may run on their pages.

Getting people from your target audience to visit your website means they are more likely to

• follow your website on social media

• share your content

• link to your web pages

• talk about you on forums and with their friends.

All these elements will help you get higher in the search engine results.

Sign Up for Google My Business

Previously known as “Google Locations”, this is the best method for how to get your business on Google search. Create a Google account and sign up for “Google My Business” – it’s free. Once registered, you are able to

• give a direct link to your home page

• give details about your business

• post photos of your business exterior and interior.

Your business will also be eligible to receive Google reviews from users, which may or may not improve your search engine ranking.

Lose Your Flash-based Ads and Your Pop-ups

Pop-ups seem to be a staple of the modern Internet experience, but if your traffic numbers have reached a plateau as they peak, then removing pop-ups may help in the long term. It takes a few months for the effects of removing pop-ups to become apparent because it is all about second and third-time visitors rather than being about first-time visitors.

Test your ads, especially your Flash-based ads because they may not run on certain devices. Remember that some people do not enable Flash on their browser because of security concerns. It is sometimes better to remove Flash ads rather than risk having empty space where the ad should have been.

Sign Up for a Bing Account

It might seem logical to sign up for all the search engines, but signing up for Bing is all you need, especially since Yahoo is powered by Bing. Getting your website on Bing will benefit you because it exposes your website to a wider audience. This also means your website gets more traffic and becomes more popular as your new traffic links to your website, tells their friends, etc.

If your website or your business is suitable, you should also have your website listed on directories and even in apps. Nevertheless, if you can get your website listed on the Bing search engine, then your website will become more popular. Google will then start to rank your website up its search engine results.

Engage With at Least Two Major Social Media Platforms

Despite what you are being told, you do not need to engage with all or most of the social media platforms. In addition, you can forget YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter (the big three) if you wish. There are plenty of websites that draw most of their traffic from Reddit, Instagram, Tumblr, and many more.

To be on the safe side, you should probably join at least two of them. If one of your accounts is frozen, hacked, etc., then you should have another platform from which you may draw traffic.

How To Get Higher On Google With Guest Posts

It used to be that you had to guest post from high-traffic authority sites for your guest-post links to matter, but that is not the case these days. If you are guest posting on a website that is crawled/indexed with Google, then your link will help you rank up the search engine results (unless the website is marked as spammy or using black-hat SEO).

A followed link is still more useful than a no-follow link, but even a no-follow link is still useful if it drives traffic to your website. In simple terms, links from other websites shine a light on your website. Google isn’t counting your backlinks like it was in the good old days, but it does assume that your website is more popular if it has backlinks (such as from guest posts), and if traffic is arriving through those links.

The Takeaway – Focus On The User

The theme of the tips in this article is to get people to your website, and then make them love your website so they run off and tell their friends. Figuring out how to get higher on the Google search engine results is all about trial and error testing and giving your visitors a good reason to return or to promote your website for you.

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