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How To Get Competitive Advantage When Your Competitors Are Also Using Real Estate Investor Software

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Real Estate Investor Software

You already know the benefits of using real estate investor software. It saves your time, money and efforts you are putting in to generate more business. However, vendors selling their real estate software, which are mostly cloud-based, always give you an assurance that their tool will give you a competitive advantage. It’s a cloud-based tool. Maybe your competitors are also using the same tool with the same features. So, how does it make a difference? Are you sure that you are getting that promised, competitive advantage?

This depends on the level of customization you can do and how you are going to use that tool. You can recruit technology in your support only when it is easy to use. If it is not easy to access, it can’t be easy to use. Secondly, you should be able to configure the tool to address the unique needs of your staff. Don’t just try to create an experience for your agents only, think about your clients as well. You should be able to set up automated features working in the background. In the end, the design and beauty of the real estate investor software are as important as its functionality.

Now, let’s see how this tool can make your team more efficient and productive.

Tool Availability

Your agents spend most of their time on the go. So, they need location freedom to generate more business. So, give them the power to communicate with their handheld devices. The tool must be accessible on their smartphone and tablets. Your agent should be able to write an offer, get a new listing, or send personalized messages to clients who might show interest in a property. So, your agents should be able to access all the features wherever they might be. Most importantly, the software should allow the integration of other tools they are using.

Automated Workflow

It might not be easy to set up automated workflows in the software. So, be ready to invest some time to get used to the software. Automation is beneficial when it requires no action from your agents constantly. If required, the tool should allow integrations so that you can automate more functionalities and add new features. Your agents should be allowed to drive leads into your CRM directly from print mail, advertising, and other lead generation sources. Agents might not always be available to send a quick response to a client. This is where automation can help. 

Well-designed Tech

Your digital experience should be simple, clean and clear. Layouts, workflow, and everything should be well-designed. This makes it easy for your agents to learn and engage. It is good to have a search feature allowing the keyword-based search to access online training material.

Remember, all of your competitors are using some kind of real estate management software. To stay ahead in the competition, enable your staff to quickly learn that technology and start delivering from the very first day.

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