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How To Gain Weight Using Natural Herbs?

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Metabolism revolves around the chemical processes and reactions that take place in your body. It governs the storage of energy and calorie expenditure during the entire day. If you have a fast metabolism, you may end up burning too many calories. Further, it leads to the inability to gain weight as per the normal standards. Other reasons behind difficulty in gaining weight might be because of the lack of nutrition or genetic susceptibility. If you wish to level up on a few pounds and enhance your visual appeal, then you may try out the herbal remedies.

If you’re unaware of the herbs that help you gain weight, then read on. 

1. CBD 

One of the best herbs to include in your dietary routine is the cannabis plant. It possesses many therapeutic abilities and may regulate your metabolic functions. Also, the primary active constituents like cannabidiol make it quite useful for weight gain. You can consume CBD munchies, chocolates, and gummies to improve your metabolic processes. The chemical acts on your brain and increases the hunger signals. Hence, it enhances your appetite and makes you feel hungry more often. You can use CBD tinctures to prepare CBD-infused meals as well. 

Get your hands on authentic supplements like edibles, tinctures, and pills. Along with this, try to stick to cannabis therapy for better metabolism and weight gain. Not only will it balance out your mental pathways, but it also curbs nausea or related issues. All these factors contribute to a better appetite and eating habits.

2. Kratom 

Another herb that might help you gain as well as retain weight is Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa. The herb grows primarily in South East Asia and is the source of many essential nutrients. Also, it possesses active constituents like mitragynine that acts as an opioid receptor agonist. Due to the partial agonistic behavior with the opioid receptors, the chemical doesn’t contribute to addiction. Maeng Da Kratom strains may improve your appetite, curb vomiting, and ensure smooth digestive processes. Along with this, the chemical may ease out your nervous firing rate and reduce anxious thoughts. With balanced mental health, you are likely to eat better. 

You can use the kratom extracts in diverse ways. Some common methods to use kratom supplements are bulk kratom powder, pills, and tea extracts. You may fetch the authentic ones through a reliable purchase. Make sure to consume the supplement in the ideal dosage to avoid side-effects. Now you can buy kratom capsules near me

3. Chamomile

Chamomile Tea

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Another top-notch herb that helps you balance out your digestive needs and processes is chamomile. Matricaria chamomilla is a plant that possesses daisy-like flowers and excellent medicinal properties. With the active components like chamazulene, bisabolol, and flavonoids, it helps in enhancing your appetite. Along with this, the herb is a potent anti-inflammatory that cures mild to moderate stomach aches. Hence, you get to eat better and gain weight faster than usual. 

Another antioxidant present in the plant, i.e., apigenin, aids in recovery from irritable bowel syndrome. All you need to do is replace your morning beverages with a cup of warm chamomile tea to rejuvenate your metabolism. Not to forget, the herbal remedy can be the best anxiolytic aid you need for your mental issues. Get your hands on the chamomile tea extracts and begin the herbal aid. 

4. Milk Thistle 

If you’re looking out for a healthy weight gain without loading up on too many calories, then milk thistle can be the right choice. Silymarin is rich in protein sources or demulcents that reduce the damage to the gastric mucosa. Also, there’s another chemical, i.e., cholagogue, that increases the production of bile. Due to the high levels of proteins, it may boost your muscle development. Hence, the herb is quite useful in improving body composition. Along with this, you can use herbal extracts in a variety of forms. Some common ways to use the goodness of silymarin are pills, powders, and tea extracts. 

You can use the herb as a tea extract or in powdered form. As the herb contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids, it is likely to promote weight gain through muscular development. 

5. Fenugreek 


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Fenugreek is an ancient medicine used in traditional medicine to curb digestive troubles. The herb contains some top-notch antioxidants that soothe your stomach aches and improve the appetite. Also, it contains chemical constituents like flavonoids, alkaloids, coumarins, and vitamins that nourish your vital organs. The herb may improve digestive issues and reduce the chances of constipation in the long run. On top of this, the high levels of amino acids may add to your muscle development. 

All these factors contribute to better body composition and boost mental pathways. Try out the fenugreek extracts and enjoy the earthy essence of the herb in your meals.

Final Verdict

Weight gain can be quite tricky if your metabolic pathways are faster than usual. It leads to a long-term weight gain issue and may induce psychological conditions due to the inferiority complex. If you wish to gain weight faster, herbal remedies may be of help. Some herbs like cannabis and kratom may act on your brain’s receptors and promote weight gain via indirect mechanisms. Other than this, chamomile extracts may also be quite beneficial in slowing down the metabolic rate. As a result, you end up experiencing weight gain without loading up on the calories. Don’t forget to find out the right ways to use herbal remedies before starting the therapy. 

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