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How to fix iTunes Match DRM problem

How to fix iTunes Match DRM problem

How to fix iTunes Match DRM problem

Yesterday Apple released a minor update to its iTunes version. The new version 12.2.1 contains bug fixes for the iTunes Match application and the Apple Music application which was released on June 30th.

A major glitch was caused by the Apple Music app through which some Apple consumers found their music files locked and unreachable. iTunes Match is used to keep a selection of music on your iCloud  and this music can be accessed from any of your Apple device. It allows you to store any music; be it music purchased from the iTunes store or not.

However users of iTunes Match and Apple Music ran into problems with their music experience. What happened was that tracks in your iTunes Match application were getting tagged as Apple Music and protected by Apple’s DRM system. Because of this users could not listen to their own play lists on non Apple devices.

It has also been revealed that those Apple Music members who cancel their subscription will actually be left with unplayable DRM protected music. If you even try to solve this issue by deleting a song in your iTunes library in order to download it again you will again get a version that is not playable.

Fortunately the iTunes version 12.2.1 fixes these flaws by resolving issues ‘where iTunes incorrectly changed some songs from Matched to Apple Music’. But to do so you must closely follow a step by step guide we have provided for you which will tell you exactly how to fix iTunes Match DRM problem with iTunes 12.2.1

Step 1: Update your iTunes software to iTunes 12.2.1. Either download the new version form the official Apple website or select check for updates in the iTunes store of your Mac.

Step 2: On the upper left corner of you iTunes window you will see a music icon. Click on it.

Step 3: Select My Music in the same tool bar.

Step 4: Right click or control click those songs which were downloaded as  FairPlay files. In the dropdown menu select Remove Download.

Step 5: Control click or right click again the songs which were incorrectly downloaded and in the drop down menu select Make Available Offline. This will download your files correctly.

Be sure not to choose the delete option as this will remove your song from the iCloud completely. Follow our guide and enjoy!

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