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How to Fix Cydia Impactor Error 173? [Updated Guide 2019]

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Are you a smartphone geek requiring cool customization? Do you prefer gaming over cracked apps to knock an opponent on the ground? Are you fond of utilizing patched apps on your devices? Tired of using a variety of tools for the sake of installing unofficial apps? Do you have IPA to install without even touching your iOS device? It is a clear indication of an iOS geek?

Well, being a tech geek delivers you some amazing skills exploring the internet. Taking actions without actually knowing much is one of the best skills it supplies. As new devices with the latest iOS version introduce, trying out new things is gonna get you some really unwanted errors. Solving such errors is the real thing to learn.

All of the queries stated in the first paragraph have an endmost solution popularly known as “Cydia Impactor”. It is a GUI tool developed especially for the installation of IPA’s despite being official or unofficial ones. Dragging and dropping IPA files is all that it takes. But a bunch of errors that occurred during IPA installation makes it a bit complicated. If you are a user of Cydia Impactor, you may be familiar with Cydia impactor error 173.

It is the most popular and frequent error while utilizing Cydia Impactor. Therefore, here we come up with its working solution. Just follow this stepwise guide and get rid of it. 😊

Cydia Impactor 173 Error (Provision.cpp:173)

This is the error that you face after filling in your Apple ID and password to go ahead with installing your IPA file. Here is the exact screen you are gonna face if it’s a Cydia impactor 173 error.

Error reads:

file: provision.cpp; line:173; what:

Please sign in with an app-specific password. You can create one at

The root of the error:

Enabled Google two-factor authentication is the primary reason for this error. It can be eliminated by disabling it. But considering security concerns, you may don’t want to disable it. However, solving Cydia error 173 on Mac is possible without disabling 2fa.

How to Fix Cydia Impactor 173 Error

Here is the stepwise guide to solving provision.cpp:173 error. Don’t miss any step and you will get resolved this error almost within no time. Let’s proceed.

Step 1: Download and extract the Cydia Impactor tool.

Step 2: Connect your iOS device to your computer and wait while it recognized your device model.

Step 3: Open and sign in using your Apple ID credentials.

Step 4: Go to the “Security” section and select “app-specific password”.

Step 5: Enter any random name to mark that password. i.e, you can just put your IPA name.

Step 6: An app-specific password will appear on the screen. Copy it on your clipboard.

Step 7: Now drag your IPA file and drop on Cydia Impactor screen.

Step 8: Enter your Apple registered mail and paste that app-specific password that we just generated.

Step 9: Wait until you see the “Success” message on the impactor screen. It’s done here.

Step 10: Go to Setting – General – Device Management and tap on the developer name listed there. Furthermore, you need to click on “Trust” from appearing pop-up.

Wrapping up

Thus, by adopting this simple method, you can easily solve Cydia impactor 173 error permanently. Wasn’t it simple though? State any sort of error occurred while using Cydia Impactor and we’ll try to solve it asap.

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