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How to Fix a Broken Dryer Vent and Tell when it Needs to be Replaced?

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When it is time to fix the dryer vent, you may want to take things into your own hands. Especially if you are thinking of a dryer vent repair cost, but before you worry about paying fees for hiring dryer vent professionals, know some essential facts about your dryer. There are ways that you can do for a broken dryer’s quick fix.

First, equip yourself with the proper knowledge to diagnose if your dryers are broken or just need a quick fix. You should know the dryer vents’ parts. Some flaws may only require changing the dryer vent cap. At least you should know what features you can touch and change and what needs the pros’ hands.

Here are your dryer vent parts 101:

  • Dryer vent ducts and tubes
  • Dryer vent cover
  • Dryer vent flap
  • Lint trap
  • Dryer basket or clothes’ drum
  • Vent hood for airflow outlet
  • Transition duct
  • Dryer grill guards
  • Dryer hose connector
  • Air exhaust

So, now you might be wondering which of these parts can you replace yourself or fix with the expert’s help. Next, know the signs that tell you it’s time to replace the dryer vent.

Does the Dryer Vent Need to Be Replaced

There are lots of good benefits a well-vented dryer brings. On top of this, it reduces the risk of fire accidents. Overheating dryers are usually caused by clogged vents or damaged ducts and tubes.

Follow these steps to examine your vents

1. Make an inspection

Dryer vents often attach through the exterior wall of homes or a building. You can inspect the vent first yourself. Opening the vent window or flap door is easy. You will need a utility knife to pull open the sides of the vent cover away from the surface.

From here, you can look around and through the inside of the vent tube. Inspect it if there are debris, hairs, lint that get trapped and maybe clogging the vent. Excessive lint and clogged does not only reduce the vent’s performance. It also causes the vent tube or duct to rip apart.

Also, the vent blades may be too clogged with sticky lint and moldy dust. You may see if you can still clean away the dirt. But some cases will cause the blades to break or loosen. It is time to replace the vent blades.

Next, you may also notice that the tubes or ducts may be already too old. These tubes need replacements. It is crucial to keep the tube or vent hose in good shape.

The material also needs an expert’s tool to reach within the deepest parts. You may also find it daunting to clean if it’s way too long and deep. There will be no point in cleaning it anymore. In this case, the best idea is to replace the tube or hose.

2. Get the suitable replacement

Next is to make sure you get the right bits and pieces that fit every part, just a bit of advice. And you have probably been in those times where you resort to buying a replica of your damaged piece, but it does to give the exact match for your dryer parts.

That is why you need professional dryer maintenance. Despite having a drawback in terms of the cost of dryer vent cleaning, working with the experts has much more advantage.

Experts can tell the brand of the dryer and what devices fit the specific brand. Also, the advantage of working with the pro they know so well where to get your spare part. As an appliance owner, you know that feeling where you struggle going around the local stores near you for the parts you need. And admit it, it’s usually what you do when finding the spare parts takes much of your time and effort. It is like with your cars. Licensed engine experts and registered chassis of the vehicle is your only option. It’s the same thing with the dryer vent parts and other appliances.

3. Attach the Parts with Precision

Carefully attach the parts as you get the right ones. If you are not sure how to do this despite buying the right brand and material, you need to call the pros to fix you.

What is crucial here is to do it with precision. Being careful in attaching the parts is the only fix for loose ends and leaks in the vent holes.

Signs of Dryer Vent Damages that Needs Replacement

Here is what to watch out for your dryer vents telling you that replacement is the only way to go.

Loose hose and tubes

When the dryer hose and tube begin to detach, a temporary fix you may have already done is to reattach it. But only to have it lose its grip entirely in the long run.

Punctures around the Aluminium foil duct

So from the previous list above, you saw the dryer parts which are prone to replacement. There was the aluminum foil duct. It usually looks like an accordion. This part is essential for insulating the heat and the warm airflow that the dryer gives out.

Excessive Dirt and Clogged in the vent tubes

Excessive dirt and lint clogging the vent tunes will not happen if not the lint trap went missing. This is a common problem. It may not be your entire appliance that needs repair and replacement. It may just be your dryer’s lint trap. You will reach a point that the net does not anymore catch all the dirt from your laundry. So, it is time to replace the lint trap.

Pests inside the dryer

Have you heard of vermin in the dryer? It may sound ridiculous, but there will probably be five out of six who have experienced this. Or you could have a neighbor sharing this same dilemma. It is not a rare situation. The typical setup of a dryer has it attached through the exterior walls. And it is often found near the exterior of the basement.

Worms and rodents may crawl through the ground and to your vent. These pests are attracted to dark narrow holes. So be aware of these and do early prevention if you don’t like contamination of your appliance.

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