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In this generation of an extreme proliferation of social media, influencer marketing has set the par and become the most preferred way of getting products to customers or potential customers by the patent companies, over the traditional marketing techniques. Furthermore, reaching out to generation Z is not as easy as before. They do not follow brands’ endorsements and recommendations; instead, they prefer to follow what is from their influencer.

Influencer marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing. Influencers may be found on virtually every social media platform, and they are particularly active on YouTube and Instagram. You can earn more money from this platform just like Marina Mogilko net worth, Marina Mogilko is a YouTuber with over 1 million followers on her channel.

61% of marketers struggle to find the best influencers for a campaign, indicating the widespread difficulty in locating the right influencers. Therefore, brands must consider several factors before collaborating with YouTube creators.

In terms of money, MrBeast is worth about $20 million. 58.7 million people follow him on YouTube. Many of his videos involve giving money to people, charities, and friends, and he has a lot of fans. However, the amount of money Mr. Beast makes is much less than one would think. To figure out how much MrBeast values, it’s hard because he spends a lot of money on his videos.

Below are the steps how to find YouTube influencers:

1. Understand your target audience

  • Firstly, assess your audience. Influencer marketing is effective only when it is predicated on understanding and building trust among your target audience. This grants your brand better exposure to a more engaged audience, strengthens brand messaging through authentic endorsements, and influences consumer-buying decisions.
  • Secondly, look out for who’s mentioning you online and what they’re saying. Find out if influencers are talking about your brand across social channels and if so, find positive sentiments you can highlight in your campaign. Influencers who take an interest or, better yet, already recommend or endorse your brand, will be more receptive to potential brand partnerships.
  • So long as brands take into account their audience’s interests when collaborating with influencers, it often produces better quality customers than traditional marketing channels. What kind of content does your audience like, and what is likely to resonate with them?

2. Take Advantage Of Youtube’s Search & Discovery

YouTube’s search engine is governed by a complex algorithm based on a variety of factors. When searching for a channel or creator on YouTube itself, be as specific as possible by using keywords related to your brand, audience, and industry in order to return the most appropriate results.

3. Take advantage of Free Influencer Marketing Tools

You can find many influencer marketing tools in the market. For example,, AspireIQ, Famebit and more. These are top tire platforms that can help you to find the best influencer. However, the cost is extremely high. They are not small-medium business-friendly.

There are also many free tools to look at. They are already more than enough to help you search, analyze, and even contact the right YouTube influencers. For example InflueNex.

There are two simple ways you can use to search for influencers on InflueNex. First, way is to enter any keywords into the home page search bar that related to your brands, audience, and industry, as mentioned before. Second, way is to check the ‘Top Influencer Category’ on the homepage, when you do not have any ideas in mind.

4. Analyze influencer profile and content quality

There are many Influencer marketing tools in the market to help you in analyze influencer profile and content quality. A good tool will help you to understand influencer better by providing you the corresponding data. Few things you need to focus when checking on an influencer’s profile.

If you are using influeNex, the InflueNex Score indicates the overall idea of this influencer’s channel quality. Subscribers: which is the followers on this channel, a rough idea of how much audience this influencer’s video can reach. Engagement: The engagement of channel is to estimate the average views of subscribers to this channel. If the engagement rate is 50%, it indicates that 50% of the subscribers will watch the video. Est. YouTube Price Range: Which indicates that the price you need to pay when you cooperate with the influencer.

To check on the content quality. You can click on the channel and watch the video straight away. You can also check the stats in the ‘Channel Performance’ section on InflueNex. ‘Video Views’ shows you the views of influencer’s latest 20 videos. ‘Likes Per Post’ and ‘Comments Per Post’ shows you how the viewers like the influencer’s video.’ YouTube Views Tendency’ will show you the trend of the influencer’s video views. A steady curve means that influencer’s output has maintained the same quality level. The ascending curve indicates that influencer’s video is making progress as time goes by.


5. Perform influencer outreach

Once you find creators you would like to work with, contact them. Simply check on their social profile for contact detail. Some influencers belong to a specific agency. In this case, you will have to contact the agency instead. Some influencer marketing tools will also offer you the function to contact influencers. For influeNex users, you can simply click the contact button on the top right of the page in InflueNex. Initiating a conversation means establishing whether the influencer would take you up on the opportunity, and personal correspondence will help you decide if you want to go forward with an influencer partnership.

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