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How to Find and Get Yourself A College Education Scholarship

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FAQs Answered by the Josh Gibson MD Scholarship Selection Committee

College education, especially at the top institutions, can be prohibitively expensive and out of reach of most people. According to Forbes, the average yearly cost of a four-year college course is $21,950. You can help close the gap between your savings and the expenses of your course. Even though the number of scholarships is relatively fewer in comparison to the number of applicants, you can improve your odds of winning a scholarship.

For example, if you want to pursue a degree in the arts, it’s best to consider a place that specializes in that particular field. As much as possible, you don’t want to go to a college whose strong suit is in the field of math. If you have the liberty to choose from a number of colleges, then you should go for the one, maybe an Ivy League school, that offers the best program in your particular field of interest.

Some answers to FAQs to help clarify common doubts about the process of scholarship application:

Grants Vs Scholarships – What’s the Difference 

Even though both grants and scholarships constitute funds that do not have to be paid back by the awardees, the essential difference is that while grants are awarded to candidates who lack the means to study at a college, scholarships are awarded based on merit, typically for demonstrated excellence in academics, sports, or any other particular talent. Often, scholarships like the Josh Gibson MD Scholarship awarded by private institutions like family foundations, nonprofits, corporations, or philanthropists consider both income and merit.

What Is the Best Process of Finding A Scholarship?

Since winning scholarships is a very competitive process, it can be better to focus on identifying local scholarships where the number of applicants is typically far less. However, applicants should not rule out investigating some of the more popular online scholarship databases. Since it can take time to scrutinize all the opportunities, high school students should preferably start applying in their freshman years instead of waiting for their senior year. It may also help to apply for a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) since some applications like that for the Josh Gibson MD Grant require it as an eligibility criterion.

Can You Apply for A Scholarship After Taking Admission at A College?

Even if you have taken admission to a college, you can still apply for scholarships to ease the financial burden. According to some experts, the institute’s academic office or financial aid office is among the best places to get a scholarship. Often, professional societies are willing to award scholarships to students majoring in their domains to support and attract the best of talent for the growth of their industry.

What Is the Right Time to Start Applying for Scholarships?

Even though all scholarships have their individual deadlines, experts advise that applicants should start the application process as soon as possible to increase their chances of getting a scholarship. High school seniors should begin the process in the fall and take special note of the eligibility criteria and the important dates. Freshmen can also start the search process without waiting to become seniors at many of the scholarship websites. You should pay a lot of thought in writing out your profile so that you can customize the contents as necessary for including it with each application you make.


For your scholarship application to be successful, you need to prepare yourself thoroughly. You should not only know what and where you want to study but also the eligibility criteria and the deadlines of the scholarships you are targeting.

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