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How To Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling On Jailbroken iPhone

Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling

Today we will tell you how you can enable WhatsApp voice calling (VoIP) for the iPhone. For some time now we have been waiting for this feature to debut on WhatsApp but so far it has not been released publicly. You might have even seen the non-functional ‘Call’ button which has recently been added to the iOS version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp VoIP has come to Android first and beta users can be requested for an invite to get the service. This method is not for the iPhone users but there is a way and we shall tell you about that.

enable whatsapp calling

Before we begin this is only for jailbroken devices. If you have upgraded to iOS 8.2 there is no way to jailbreak your iPhone yet. Other than that you can learn how to jailbreak your device on iOS 8.2 beta 3 and earlier here.

Step 1: First off get the WhatsApp Beta via this link [NO LONGER AVAILABLE].

Step 2: After you are done with that, you need to add a repo to Cydia since the tweak required to enable WhatsApp voice calling is not on the default repos.

Open Cydia’s main screen and near the bottom of the screen tap on Sources. Now tap Edit, then Add and paste this URL:

Step 3: Now you will need to download the WhatsApp Call Enabler package from this new repo. Go ahead and search for it as you would normally search any tweak on Cydia.

Step 4: Go to the Settings app of your phone to activate the tweak.

Step 5: Lastly text this number via WhatsApp [Number removed at user’s request]. The person who has come up with this overall workflow, Akshit Gupta will call you to activate this service for you.

Update: Akshit asked us to remove his number because he was getting too many requests. That’s okay for the reader, too, since we now know you just need to get anyone with WhatsApp calling available to call you back to enable WhatsApp voice calling.

It sounds weird, but it is confirmed working! WhatsApp calling invites work this way.

When you receive a call and the service is activated other users can text you and you can call them back to activate the service for them. This is a really easy tutorial to get the voice calling feature of WhatsApp if you have a jailbroken device if you want a jailbroken device get it on your own risk.

How did you like this feature tell us in the comment below. Would you be willing to shift from Viber or other VoIP apps to WhatsApp if this feature was provided?

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