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How to Dress for a Triangle Body Type

Triangle Body Type

If you have a triangle body type, you’re probably tired of hearing that you must wear clothes that “flatter your figure.” You may have even tried on every dress in the store and felt nothing fit right or made you look good. But there are ways to make your body shape work for you instead of against it.

Here are simple guidelines on the best clothes for triangle body shape that will help you find garments that fit correctly and serve as the foundation for a new wardrobe you’re sure to love.

Is My Body A Triangle Shape?

If you’ve roughly measured your bottom and top halves and have relatively broad shoulders, a smaller waist, and narrow hips, you’re probably a triangle body shape. Although broad shoulders are frequently perceived as a flaw, using suitable shapes and silhouettes to create balance within your figure and using fashion to flatter your body enhances all your favorite bits. And if you’re a triangle, you probably have a small waist and slim legs, so let’s find the right clothes to show them off!

Dos And Don’ts For The Triangle Shape

If you have this body type, here are some clever tips to help you bring visual balance to your pear figure:


  • Brightly colored tops with large prints and bold tones.
  • Wear neutral colors on the bottom to balance your pear-shaped outfits.
  • You should wear shoulder pads, ruffles, and puffy sleeves.
  • Choose accessories that stretch (high heels) and balance your figure (choker and maxi earrings).


  • Garments with frills or ruffles that draw attention to the lower body. They add extra bulk here.
  • Horizontal striped trousers and skirts, as well as low-rise pants.
  • Tight-fitting tops will highlight the imbalance between your upper and lower body.

Top Tips for Dressing a Triangle-Shaped Figure

You’ve determined that you have a triangle body type, so let’s look at our top tips for finding the perfect pieces for your figure.

Embrace A Wider Leg

We’ve mentioned several times throughout this blog series that dressing for your body type is all about finding balance. This is especially true for the triangle or inverted triangle body type. Because you have a wider shoulder and narrower hips, you may feel a little top-heavy. To counteract this, skinny jeans and pants aren’t your best friend because they draw attention to your slimmer legs.

Putting on wider trousers looks great, balances your shape, and elongates your entire body from head to toe, especially when paired with heels. To achieve this chic look, choose from boot cut to palazzo pants.

Make Yourself More Feminine

When top-heavy, we often feel less feminine; therefore, we choose items that make us feel super feminine in fashion. Tops and jackets with ruffles at the front and hips, as well as waterfall-style jackets, will flatter your figure the best. These styles accentuate your neckline and waist while skimming your shoulders without adding width.

Accentuate Your Waist with Peplums

Another great way to keep your look super-feminine is to help accentuate a waistline. Choosing peplum tops and dresses adds curves by creating the illusion of a cinched waist next to a tiered frill, which adds volume at the hip and helps to create that hourglass shape. A peplum waistline can often work better than an empire waistline because it helps to define the waistline rather than skim over it, but remember to pair a cinched waist with some added volume through the skirt.

Avoid Exaggerated Shoulders 

Because the shoulders are the widest part of an inverted triangle shape body, you don’t want to add any extra width here with ruched shoulder detailing or shoulder pads (regardless of how trendy oversized tailoring is!). Instead, choose tops and jackets with slim-fit shoulders, and if you’re looking for blazers, go for a softer style with a waist belt wrap to keep your look chic without adding volume.

Add Balance With A-Line Skirts and Belts

If you like skirts, an ultra-tight pencil skirt is not the best for a triangle shape. Instead, use high waist A-line full skirts to add volume to your lower half, and accentuate your waist with a cinching belt. If you have a triangle body type, you probably have super-slim legs. So why not flaunt them? Keep the skirt slightly A-lined, but don’t be afraid to go short rather than midi.

Choose V-Necklines And Wrap Necklines

V necklines are ultimately flattering for a triangle body shape because they draw attention away from the shoulders and accentuate your long neck, giving you more balance. Wrap dresses and tops are also excellent for this figure and can be worn for anything from casual to workwear.

When you’re a triangle shape, the main necklines to avoid are Bardot, any off-the-shoulder or cold-shoulder, boat necks, and halter necks. These necklines draw attention to the shoulders, giving the impression that you are slightly top-heavy.

Key Pieces for A Triangle Shape Wardrobe

You’re ready to go shopping now that you’ve mastered our top tips for dressing a triangle body shape. This does not imply that you should go on a shopping spree, but rather remember our advice and look for shapes that you know will work for you. This will assist you in developing a smaller, more curated wardrobe that you will wear repeatedly.

Final Thoughts

It can be challenging to dress for a triangle body shape, but with these tips, you should be able to achieve a more flattering silhouette. Experiment with various styles to see which one works best for you. Most importantly, enjoy yourself with your wardrobe!

While it is important to dress for your body shape, finding clothes you love and feel good in is also essential. If a particular style doesn’t work, try something else.

As long as you are comfortable with what you’re wearing, no one can tell that it wasn’t specifically made for your specific body type — not even yourself.

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