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How to Disable The “Shake to Undo” Option

shake to undo

The “Shake to Undo” option is a nifty feature that uses motion sensing technology to undo and redo typing options and other similar actions on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. You can also shake your alarm clock application to turn the alarm off in your iOS device. This feature uses a functioning accelerometer sensor which detects the physical motion of your device. This feature was very popular back when iOS introduced copy and paste commands. Indeed, it was considered to be the equivalent of the Command (⌘) – Z keystroke in Mac OS X.

This feature was a part of one of the first features of the iPod nano, “Shake to Shuffle” which could be used to shuffle songs by shaking the iPod from side to side. Regardless of the genealogy of this feature, not everyone is a fan of this feature and it may get on your nerves if you have a habit of shaking the device accidentally. It also does not help that when one uses “Shake to Undo” one may look a little silly doing so. Also, now you can very easily Undo and Redo actions on your iPads by using the undo and Redo buttons available on your iPad’s keyboard so this feature does not make much sense.

How to disable the ‘Shake to Undo’ Feature:

Step 1: First open the “Settings” button on your iOS device.

Step 2: Now under the “General” option select “Accessibility” and then select “Shake to Undo” in this section.

Step 3: Now set the “Shake to Undo” switch to the OFF position. The description beneath this heading states that “If you tend to shake your iPhone by accident, you can disable Shake to Undo to prevent the Undo alert from appearing.”

In iOS,  the Music app does not support the “Shake to Shuffle” feature so you do not need to shake the iPhone to enable the shuffle mode while listening to music. You can, in place of this, tap on an icon which is dedicated solely to this action in the Music application’s Now Playing page which will help you to play the songs in a random order.

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