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How to Determine the Ideal Length for your Explaindio Video

Explainer video

Do you need to increase traffic, number of subscribers, and video channel views? A video ranking formula that really works effectively will help with this. A whole month of research was spent on its development.

Keywords – at the beginning of the title

Any naming of a video will be more effective if you put a key phrase at the beginning of it. Let’s say you want to write a title for a video about cold brew – coffee that is brewed not with hot, but with cold water. In this case, instead of the standard “7 ways of making cold-brewed coffee”, the title with a key at the beginning of it – “Cold brewing coffee: top 7 best ways’  will become more productive.

Factors affecting the ranking of videos

Experts have analyzed more than a million videos in order to determine what affects their ranking. Research has shown that videos on Youtube rank higher for engaging signals. These are likes, comments, subscriptions, sharing.

It doesn’t matter how the user got involved in the video content. The main thing is that people like it and want to share it.

As practice shows, comments are the most effective among engaging signals. In this case, the following regularity was found. The usual request of the author of the video for his opinion is less productive than the call for comment on something specific. We will help explain videos by

The value of video tagging 

Nowadays, tags have lost some of their relevance for video ranking. However, it can be a good idea to spend a little time creating keywords that reflect the content of the video and help users find the content they want. In this case, it is not at all required to come up with a large number of tags. If there is a search for keywords, Youtube and Google may simply “get confused” and give out the wrong content that the user is looking for.

Explainer video 

The importance of attractive previews

One of the decisive factors in the high ranking of content on Youtube is the click-through rate. But the presence of an attractive preview (splash screen) of the video has a great influence on whether the user will follow the contextual message.

To create a preview that will surely interest a potential viewer, you need to take just two steps:

Step one: make sure the preview color does not match the Youtube colors – white, black and red.

When using the classic shades of Youtube, the video intro picture will merge with the background and lose all meaning. Creating a preview in contrasting colors will help you stand out from the background and significantly increase click-through rates. Experts advise using different shades of gray, blue, green, purple, orange paints.

Step two: use large and bold fonts

A preview with text in large print attracts more users and increases the number of clicks. It does not have to belong. 20-30 characters are enough to display the meaning of the video and provide the viewer with the opportunity to quickly decide whether to follow the link or not.

So, for example, the preview of a video that got to the top for the query E-commerce SEO consists of only 23 characters.

A competent description of the video helps Youtube to understand what the video is about

An important factor for ranking content is a skillful video description that can interest your audience. A video with a sufficiently long and competent description containing useful thoughts is ranked higher. This allows Youtube to correctly identify the content of the video, and the user – faster and easier to find the video on the Internet.

The most effective description of video content will be 100-200 words long, which will induce a person to watch the video itself. To save time, you can transcribe a youtube video and select certain sentences to include in your description.

Long or short – which is better?

Analysis of over a million videos shows that longer videos work more efficiently in Youtube-SEO and rank higher. Typically, the length of a video on the first page of YouTube search results is approximately 14 minutes. 50 sec.

This is because a longer video increases the time the viewer spends on the site. The ideal length of the roller, allowing it to hold high positions, is from 8 to 15 minutes. For more information, see the link:

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