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How To Delete Digits Quickly In Calculator



So you know what really grinds my gears? When you’re using your iPhone to get a total of the money you spent on your shopping, to of course compare it with your bills, and you accidentally write in the wrong digit. When this happens I always have to redo the entire thing, because of the application’s distinct lack of a delete button, and it gets really frustrating really quick.

Now I know I have a million other calculating applications on my iPhone, but seriously the Calculator app is the easiest to launch as I can do so through the Control Center without going through the process of unlocking the iPhone.  So what is a girl to do? Well, interestingly you can use a shortcut to quickly help you delete a single errant digit from the number. In this post, I will share just how you can do so.

Step 1: Start the Calculator application on your iPhone, or whatever iOS device you use.

Step 2: Now type in a very very long number from a complex calculation and pretend that you have made a mistake in the end in doing so.

Step 3: In order to quickly delete the last digit on your display screen just swipe with your finger to the left or to the right across the top where you see the black area. You can do this again to also remove the next digits and you can keep it up to clear all the digits from the application.

Sadly this trick will only work if you have typed out a number which is already a part of an existing calculation. So if you have a result that then you cannot delete digits in the actual results.

Deleting the numbers only digit-by-digit through the swiping method I just told you about will most probably be a lost faster, and a welcome change, in all situations than the default of having to start over the whole thing simply because you mistakenly pressed the wrong digit in the middle of a very complex calculation. If you are as bad with your fingers and typing as I am then this little neat trick will be a godsend for you. Enjoy!

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