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How to Decorate Your Home Like a Turkish Palace

Turkish Palace

Your home is a blank canvas that you can decorate in any way that you please. Several interior design themes are at your disposal. According to some industry insiders, the popular design themes in 2021 included modern, mid-century, and minimalist.

Every season and year brings new interior design trends too. For example, 2021 saw murals on walls, painting with a primary palette, minimalism, and sculptural furniture.

However, it’s up to you how you want to decorate your home. If it pleases you, you can turn your home into a Turkish palace.

The following are seven ways to decorate your home like a Turkish palace.

1. Understand Turkish Design

Any time you want to decorate your home in a particular interior design theme, it helps to understand the theme’s background. The Turkish people descend from Central Asia and the Ottoman Empire.

Every interior design era results from the culture of the time. During times of war, famine, or scarcity, the design took a hit. In times of plenty, furniture and furnishings became more opulent and ornate. 

Given, the palaces throughout history enjoyed resources. Thus, they used rich colors, luxurious details, and expansive furnishings.

2. Focus on Ornate Details

When recreating a Turkish palace in your home, focus on ornate details. Since they date back to the pre-mass production days, artisans and craftspeople produced each furnishing by hand. The details are more intricate and ornate.

In 2021, ceramic knobs will do the trick. Look for the ones adorned with blue flowers against white backdrops. Those who want to go all-in on the decor can commission an artist to hand-paint the ceiling too.

3. Invest in a Rug

The American carpet industry got its start in 1791. William Sprague opened his mill in Philadelphia. It focused on producing woven carpets. Others opened in the 1800s in New England.

On the other hand, rugs date back to the Egyptian and Mesopotamia days 4,000 years ago. Therefore those who plan to turn their home into a Turkish palace require a rug.

Two rug styles to consider are Persian and Oriental. Wool is the most popular and durable rug textile. Then pick the size and features such as color and design.

You’ll find that the rug variety at your disposal is wide. For inspiration, browse the collections offered by Lawrence of La Brea.

4. Use Iznik Tile Decals

Iznik became the production hub of Turkey in the 15th century. The town produced the hand-painted tiles that saw a revival in the 2000s. Since the Iznik decor style is so closely tied to Turkey, turn your home into a Turkish palace by using Iznik-inspired tiles throughout your home.

Tiles work best in the rooms that receive a lot of moisture such as the kitchen and bathroom. It’s possible to create a mosaic with the tiles for the living area. If you’re creative, you can also create a mural for a modern twist.

5. Incorporate Copper

Copper products remained common during the days of the Ottoman Empire. Thus incorporate copper into your home. 

For the kitchen, opt for copper pots and pans. In the living area, opt for copper furnishings. You can also use a copper color palette for the walls, furniture, and storage.

The Ottoman Empire era featured bazaars in Istanbul where merchants sold hand-crafted goods. If you travel to Istanbul today, you’ll still find those hand-crafted goods at the open-air markets. 

Platters, lamps, and lanterns are some options. For the bathroom consider adding a spa bowl. When entertaining guests, impress them with a copper tea set.

6. Furnish with Turkish-Inspired Details

When you visit a designer furniture and furnishings store in 2021, you’ll find a lot of modern-inspired color palettes and details. To decorate your home as a palace from the Ottoman Empire days, find Turkish-inspired details. 

This means purchasing sofas, chairs, and storage that are functional and finished with Iznik details, hand-carved features, and luminous colors. To add texture, add embroidered textiles such as throw pillows.

7. Highlight an Open Floor Plan

Homes built in the 1990s through 2020, most likely have an open floor plan. Since Turkish palaces are expansive, highlight the open floor plan.

In palaces, the Turkish made use of windows by placing benches under them. Another bench sat in the middle of the expansive space. Everything in between remained bare. 

For your living area, leave the middle bare. Place your sofas, chairs, and tables close to the walls. If your home also has floor-to-ceiling windows, you can enjoy the natural light. When it’s too much, make use of heavy and elegant curtains.


To turn your home into a Turkish palace design-wise, acquire furnishings inspired by the interior design theme. Start your search online to browse your options. Next, visit high-end design stores that specialize in the niche. Then add your personal touches. 

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