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How to Create Online Cryptocurrency Classes

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When Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, reached its peak value at the end of 2017 the entire world wanted to learn more about blockchain technology and how it can be put to use. Soon, various cryptocurrency marketplaces started to develop, more and more cryptocurrencies started to pop up, but it feels as if the general population is still unaware of the potential that stands behind the digital money.

It’s obvious that the online community is in dire need of comprehensive online cryptocurrency courses that will give users the ability to learn more about this amazing new tech. Therefore, we have decided to create an article that will let you in on every detail needed to create online cryptocurrency classes that people will enjoy attending.

Create A List Of Topics

The first order of business would be to create a list of topics that you wish to cover within your online course. Depending on your own knowledge the list of topics could be very short or include a long list of different courses. More importantly, the number of topics is not the most important aspect of your online class. You want to give the audience the chance to learn valuable lessons, therefore, always think more about the quality rather than the quantity of the areas that you decide to cover.

Cryptocurrency provides a pool of ideas that you can share with your students, anything from the introduction to cryptocurrency to learning how to develop their own digital money, trading, investing in cryptocurrency, even how to open a cryptocurrency wallet.

Create A List Of Goals And Objectives

It’s important to know your mission, or rather said the mission of your online course. Do you want your learners to become experts that will, later on, make a living by putting the knowledge you shared with them into a professional use like providing essay-writing service for people that want to buy essays, dissertations, and similar materials? Do you want simply to give them some general information so they could perform in-depth research on their own?

It’s entirely up to you to decide what you want to accomplish, but keep in mind that the more complex your goal is, the harder you have to work in order to create an online course that will allow you to succeed in your mission.

Conduct Research

No matter how well-acquainted with the subject, we always have something new to learn, especially when it comes to such a dynamic matter as cryptocurrency. Search online for the latest news and studies that can be of value to both you and the class attendants. Be sure to organize the material so that you can put it to use later on during the creation of your online class.

The research process should also help you find inspiration for additional topics that you could cover in the future and present to your listeners or viewers (depending on how you decide to present the topics to the audience). Think of the entire research as gathering the material for custom essay papers, it shouldn’t be more complex than that. It’s best to look for information on websites that are closely related to the cryptocurrency industry.

Plan Outline For Each Topic

When sharing your knowledge about a certain topic it’s very important to make sure your story has a natural flow that’s easy to follow and understand. The outline should include the main topic and a number of subtopics that you wish to cover. You can always gather the research material you collected and hire best essays to develop the outline for each of your topics.

Either way, it would be best if the subtopics are not too narrow or too wide, in which case you should reconsider dividing the large subtopics into a few lesser segments so that students could follow the course seamlessly.

Content Creation

This is the most creative and probably the most demanding part of the process, but it’s also the most important element of your entire project.  However, depending on the platform you choose for your online cryptocurrency class, there are different options in terms of the type of content that you can use. Some of the most common types of content include:

  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • PDF files
  • Slide presentations
  • Quizzes
  • Audio files

A lot of people decide to include Skype webinars where the students attend live stream sessions. It’s not an unusual practice for teachers to share a written version of the webinar so that students could go through the entire class a few more times. You could hire an online essay or dissertation service to create the textual content for you which you could use for your webinar or simply have them transcribe the audio to create the material you would share with your students.


The technology is rapidly moving forward and the world is moving along, whether we notice it or not. However, if we decide to turn the blind eye on the progress, we could end up living in a world we don’t understand. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to keep working on developing new skills, learning about new technologies, because that’s the only way to stay in touch with the ever-changing world we live in.

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