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How To Create Mobile Banking Application With eCommerce Design?

Mobile Banking Apps

E-commerce is the area of ​​the economy where it is easiest to start a business. An online store is the best solution for the B2C market. You can create a commercial website for any niche, from Hand Made to specialized hardware. Online stores are suitable for retail and wholesale.

Development of an online store of auto parts, equipment, cosmetics, specialized goods, or any other direction – a mobile app design service is ready to offer a solution that will make your business flexible. The developing a mobile banking application is rather important.


First, developers get to know your product. They are ready to work even if you only have an idea for a future product. The task is to bring it to life by thinking over and discussing the nuances of the project. However, the more information you give about your idea, the more fruitful the cooperation will be. Are there sites that you like? Show them, and developers know what to get inspired and what to focus on during development. Before creating a technical assignment, they analyze your product, niche, competitors, target audience.

Development of technical specifications

At this stage, a solution for the product is determined. Technical documentation is created, on which the project manager, programmers, layout designers, designers, testers will rely. The documentation prescribes all the details and details that allow you to develop an online store efficiently.

At this point, the engine on which the site will be launched is also discussed. The developers offer clients CMS. This product is gaining popularity due to its simplicity, stability, and reliability.

When the technical documentation is approved, the contract is signed, the developers begin to implement your ideas and make mobile ecommerce design.

Design (prototype and technical specification)

What is ideal will not always work as required by a specific project. Sometimes there are beautiful, but not functional sites. For the development and creation of an online store to be effective, it is important to carefully consider the stage of usability development. Based on the analysis of your audience, portraits of potential buyers are prescribed, the typical behavior of each avatar is determined. After careful analysis of behavioral factors, we create interface prototypes. UI / UX writes a mockup that makes every action a potential buyer takes on-site conducive to targeted action. Before giving the layout to the developers, we check the developed solution for operability. This way we significantly reduce the likelihood of errors. When the layout is agreed upon with the customer, we proceed to the next stage.

UI Design Project

The “usability” of the site is important because it should be convenient and fast, but the visual design plays a role. The color design of the site should correspond to the author’s style of the company and leave a pleasant “aftertaste” for the visitor. If you don’t have a logo yet, our designers will offer creative solutions to create your branding style. At the stage of creative work on the design, the “face of the brand” appears: icons, infographics, animation, and other visual components of the web resource are created. They drive conversions and set your company apart from the competition.

Backend and Frontend project development

After the beautiful design is ready, the technicians come into play. The development of an online store at this stage consists of two directions: front-end (what the user of the site sees) and back-end (“behind the scenes” of the site). At this stage, programmers create the site architecture. The front-end consists of programming logic and layout. The back-end consists of creating a database, structuring the system, an administration panel, and other components.

QA – Testing

After the project is ready, QA testing begins. The developers check how well the site is performing, and we also check how it adapts to different mobile devices. This allows to identify and immediately fix bugs before launching, if any, in order to launch a cool product.

Product release and development

The project is being launched, but we can continue to cooperate. Every online store has to sell. To make a profit, you need to bring clients. At this stage, the marketers get down to work. Each project has its own solution: search engine optimization, contextual advertising, targeting, or another marketing tool.

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