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How to Create An Effective Nonprofit SMS

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Non-profit organizations are united only by their main goal: to attract the attention of patrons and communicate with volunteers. The scope, strategy, mission, and services can vary significantly. In order to achieve the desired result, you need to maintain the interest of all those who have already become part of your organization.

The search for new and effective ways of promotion will never end, but mass texting service for nonprofits is still a popular direction today. Using a simple and well-known channel, we manage to keep our finger on the pulse and inform all participants not only about upcoming promotions but also about other events:

  • collection of donations;
  • organization of assistance;
  • support of other contractors.

However, before you start sending notifications, you need to decide on the tools that facilitate data processing. One of these is HLR lookup, with the help of which it will be possible to identify irrelevant contacts and save your modest budget on your mailing list.

How SMS for nonprofits works

Using text messages is no different than communicating with members of your organization via email. You continue to share the latest information and get feedback. The reason for the shift from newsletter to e-mail is that short messages are much more likely to be opened and read.

In addition, an SMS text will allow you to assess the attractiveness of your offer and get additional information by following the link. By creating text messages, you can not only reach more contacts but also encourage donations. Use all available opportunities and don’t set limits for yourself!

It’s easy to keep in touch with volunteers, patrons, and other guests of your events. Automated messaging allows you to re-inform anyone who missed your notification. Collecting and optimizing data are your best helpers for evaluating campaign performance.

Examples of SMS marketing in action

A reminder of a non-profit organization’s activities can look different. The choice of content for text messages is unlimited, so it’s worth getting creative. Send messages with quotes, talk about your achievements, and share reports of your progress.

Short text messages are the best channel of communication with your audience. To create your content in a correct way, you need to keep in mind the specifics of writing a test:

  • greeting by name
  • presenting your organization
  • the essence of your offer
  • conditions for participation
  • deadline for the end of your offer
  • link for details

Message personalization has been successfully used to increase open rates and engagement. It becomes much easier to study the success of your newsletter, determine the conversion and perform other required analytical operations than a few years ago.

Tools that help to save your time and money can reach your supporters. When composing a new offer for your recipients, keep this in mind!

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