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How To Create A Winning Instagram Strategy

Winning Instagram Strategy, Define Target Audience, Performance Metrics, Customer testimonials, Instagram Followers

With the help of cheap Instagram followers, you can get the advantages that come with having an Instagram account. The following is how to go about creating a winning Instagram strategy:

  • Define Your Target Audience: Before you embark on deciding on which kind of content you are going to post on your Instagram, you have to think about who will be your followers. Most of the users found on Instagram tend to be under the age of 35 years with an equal split between males and females.

The United States of America has a larger number of users on Instagram followed by India, then Brazil, and Indonesia. This is information that is important to know before you get started but you will be required to go beyond these demographics to get a target audience that is unique to your particular brand.

Since one of the important parts of your marketing strategy is defining your target market, you will need to check out the following

    • Find out who already buys from you
    • Find out who follows you by checking out your other social media platform’s analytics.
    • Perform some competitor research
    • Create a value statement that is clear for your brand

Once you are through and you are at a point where you understand your audience well, there is a need to think about the type of content that they love to see. Check out the type of content which they post on their own accounts, and also how they interact with similar brands or your competitors. If you’re involved in the food business and intend to grow your following, you can try hashtags for food posts. It will surely help your following 

  • Set Objectives And Goals: Knowing exactly what you want to achieve when using Instagram for your business is the initial stage to ensure that you create an Instagram strategy that is very effective. When you understand your goals, it will allow you to keep you on track as well as focus your efforts on achieving your objectives as far as your business is concerned.

The framework followed by effective goals is SMART, which denotes:

    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Relevant, and
    • Timely

The more you build your presence on your Instagram platform, it will be necessary for you to have goals that should be based on vanity metrics such as comments, follows, and likes. But all in all, you have to set goals that relate to objectives that are business-oriented. 

  • Focus On The Right Metrics In Performance: This varies from one business to the next. But on a general note, you will need to focus on metrics that are related to the social funnel.  This means that your goals have to be aligned to one of the four stages in the journey of a customer which includes:
    • Awareness: That includes growth rates of followers, awareness of the brand, and the post reach.
    • Engagement: It includes engagement rate which is based on likes, and based on shares, the amplification rates.
    • Conversion: Apart from the conversion rates, it also includes click-through rate, bounce rates, CPM, and cost per click ( that is if you are using paid ads)
    • Customer: Are based on providing testimonials or any other actions which are taken by customers.

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