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How To Control Apple Watch: Home, Siri, Scrolling, Zooming etc.

Swipe and Tap

The Apple Watch is looking to be an impressive gadget. Ever since its announcement last September, much has been guessed as to its capabilities. The actual specifications have yet to be released in the official launch event which is only a few hours away. As we wait with mounting excitement, let’s take a look at how the Watch will actually operate and make use of the two on-board controls. Learn how to control Apple Watch after the jump!


Apple Watch Controls For Each Function

The Watch features two hardware buttons. A crown at the 2 o’ clock position, and a traditional button beneath it. You can use a combination of these, along with gestures on the touchscreen to do various things with the Watch.

The digital crown

  • Home – A single tap on the digital crown will take you Home. This is similar to the Home button on an iPhone. No matter where you are, tapping it will take you to your starting position.
  • Siri – You can activate Siri simply by holding down the digital crown. The personal assistant is also reachable through voice activation using the “Hey Siri!” hotword.
  • Multi-tasking – Double-clicking the digital crown will let you switch between your watch face and the last app you used. It’s a convenient way to go from the time, to what you’re doing, and back
  • Scrolling and Zooming – Besides pressing down, you can spin the digital crown as well. Doing so will let you scroll through lists or zoom in or out of the home screen, maps, photos, and more. It’s a new way to navigate the digital world – and it prevents your fingers from obscuring the screen while you’re at it.

Digital Crown

  • Accessibility options – Speaking of zoom, you can bring up the Accessibility options by triple-clicking the digital crown.

Power button

  • Friends – A single click of the power button will bring up Friends, which shows icons of your contacts. You can call, message, sketch, tap or send them your heartbeat.


  • Power-down – Holding down on the power button will bring up a power-down screen, just like on any iPhone/iPad.
  • Pay – Double-tap on the button will bring up Apple Pay – the NFC-based credit and debit service. Once authorized on your iPhone 5 or up, it’ll work for as long as the watch stays in contact with your skin.

Screen controls

The touchscreen features traditional touch features such as swipe, tap etc. Swiping allows you to change screens and move between glances. Tapping, ofcourse lets you make a selection. The Apple Watch is rumored to support multi-touch functionality, although we don’t really know yet what sort of applications would that cater to.

Swipe and Tap

The Watch has a Force Touch feature as well. Holding down on the screen works like a secondary mouse button that brings up context menus or advanced options.

There you go! That’s mostly all you need to know for how to control Apple Watch. We will update this post, or write a new one in case any new knowledge comes about.

Psyched about the Apple Watch yet? If you’re planning on buying one, Apple will start shipping them by April. Be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments section below!

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