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How To Clear Your App Store Cache

App Store Cache

How to clear your App Store cache is the question we will answer. If your iOS App Store app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod is not working correctly then well you’re not alone. While Apple has been almost continuously introducing new and more innovative software it has begun to forgo things like stability of the services and their performance.

There is, however, a simple and easy fix for this issue that you are facing. This quick fix will only cost you a total of 10 seconds probably. So there’s obviously no harm in trying this trick for yourself. It will also sort out any of the issues you might be facing, which are all most probably a result of your applications not being able to update themselves automatically. This quick fix was explained by developer Zachary Drayer on his Twitter page.

This issue is most probably a result of  the cache of the App Store. You need to open the App Store on you iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device. Then you can click on any of the bottom icons. This means you can click on either “Featured”, “Top Charts”, “Explore” “Search” or “Updates” buttons. You can click on these buttons for a total of ten times and doing so will clear the cache of the App Store. This will now speed up your browsing experience as well.

This fix can also be used for the cache of the iTunes Store as well as the Mac App Store. It does not however work for Podcasts, Music, Game Center, or iMessage.

So tapping on any of these icons will clear the cache. To ensure that this has happened you need to see whether the top bit of the App Store has gone blank or not. The temporary storage of your phone will hence be emptied and this trick can work on almost all of the applications.

This trick does seem to work however it only provides a very small speed bump for your browsing speed. You can try it for yourself and report whether you experience a big change in your device or not! Please discuss this quick fix freely in the comments below.

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