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How To Choose The Right Telecom Recycling Company? 

Recycle Electronics

Every organization expands and ends up with old surplus telephone equipment. This mainly happens due to rapid technological advancements. The old equipment has to be disposed of when they are replaced with the new. Electronic waste cannot be thrown out like kitchen waste. They are hazardous and cause environmental damages. The used network equipment is more dangerous as they hold electromagnetic circuits and acids. And the disposing process, that is, making the device’s environment friendly before dumping them in the open is expensive to the company. The best solution to this problem is to hire a telecom recycling company. Here is a small guide on choosing the right telecom recycling company. How to choose? What should be considered?

When should you hire a recycling telecom company?

  • While migrating towards new technology. 
  • When the company is planning to shut down completely. 
  • If there is excess telecom equipment in the company. 
  • When the company is downsizing. 
  • If the telephone equipment is damaged or worn out. 

Factors to consider

Experience: Look for an experienced service provider in the field. He should have a large and strong client base. Choose locally and also choose those who are active in the area for years. 

Price: No telecom company will provide maximum value for a used telecom device. Therefore, try to back the initial investment made. Research thoroughly about the company. Do not make the choice blindly.

Security: The old phones of the company hold sensitive data. Look for those recycling companies that have an effective and transparent way of deleting the data. A good recycler keeps his client in the loop while deleting the data. Also, they should provide certification after deleting the data. The issue of security is more sensitive in the case of network equipment. This is mainly due to data security.

Pick up and drop facility: The telecom recycling company should provide a pick and drop facility. A perfect transport facility is essential. This provides a hassle-free experience. The recycling company should offer to pick all the excess business phone systems and get them to their office safely. 

What does a telecom recycling company do?

The telecom recycling companies collect the used telecom equipment. They shred the equipment into small pieces. They then use strong magnets to remove the iron and its alloy like steel. Other metallic pieces are removed using electronic currents. They use density separation and near-infra-red light to sort out plastics. Some of the working products are not shredded. They are sold for reduced prices in the market. Also, some of the products are sold as collectibles. 

Why should you hire a telecom recycling company?

The electrical networks in telephones contain metals and semiconductors that are harmful to the environment. The Government imposes a fine on the company for disposing of them in the open. Also, these electrical and electronic items end up as hazardous substances and landfills. They leak out dangerous acids and cause soil and water pollution. They also cause human death. 

What is in a telephone that can be recycled?

The telephones consist of precious metals such as palladium and platinum. The metals can be used for low voltage electrical contacts and plating. Also, palladium is widely used in fuel cells. Plastics obtained from used telephones are granulated and reformulated. Some of the valuable components such as memory devices can be downgraded and recovered. Also, there are certain useful parts such as battery connectors, PCBs, ICs, Printed Circuit boards, lenses, Integrated Circuits, microphones, lenses, SIM cards. 


These companies help to realize the value of used assets. It increases profit. The recycling company reduces toxic waste disposal. They divert useful resources for reuse. The company can make extra money. They help to dispose of the old equipment and buy new based on the updated global telecommunication standards. These standards are updated frequently these days due to technological advancements. 

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