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How To Choose The Best Paint For Your Interior And Exterior (The Complete Guide)

Painting interior of house

Painting your home is a demanding and time-consuming project. Before starting your painting project, find a trusted commercial painter in CT who can help you choose the best paint that will fit your interior and exterior spaces. 

Let’s take a deep dive into various paint projects and what you should know when choosing the right colors for your interior and exterior walls. 

Interior Painting

When painting the inside of your house, you need to consider various things, such as: 

Check The Color Anti-Mold And Anti-Allergic Abilities

One of the biggest problems with internal walls is mold. Lately, many manufacturers have managed to produce a paint that creates a hostile environment for mold. Spores and fungi cannot reproduce in the paint, making it easier for you to keep your indoor walls and ceilings in a good and healthy condition. 

Modern interior paint also has anti-allergic qualities. That makes it easier for you to paint your interior walls without leaving your home. These qualities are more important if you suffer from chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis. 

Choose Water-Based Colors

The key to success with interior painting is to use the best water-based paints. These paints dry a lot easier and smell less than the oil-based ones. People who are not willing to leave their homes for the painting project could benefit from water-based paints. That’s because they will have the option to partially paint their interior walls (one room at a time) and use the remaining rooms to live and work in. 

Ensure The Primers Are Affordable And Water-Soluble

There is no chance to get the best paint absorbance on your interior walls without the right primer. The primer should be water-soluble and more affordable to ensure that you have the chance to use it around your home before you start painting. 

Modern primers have less obnoxious odors than the previous generation and accentuate the paint color appearance when you are done.

Get Paint That Has A Rich Color Palette

Some paint has a richer color palette than others. Many times the color you see on the paper looks a lot different on your walls. Applying some test paint on one wall and checking how it looks is a good option when choosing a richer color palette than others. This way, you will find your perfect color a lot easier without compromising the final result.

Ensure That The Paint Is Fully Washable

New paints can be fully washable. Families with children would appreciate that benefit since they could easily erase finger stamps, drawings, and other dirty spots that kids may leave on their walls. Most interior paints keep their colors even when you have to clean the walls with a sponge and mild detergent. 

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is different from interior since exterior walls are exposed to sunshine and weather conditions. The following tips will help you choose the right paint color for your exterior painting project.

Modern Paint Let Your Walls Breathe

Your exterior walls should breathe to make sure they don’t retain any external moisture. That could be possible when using modern paint colors that let the interior moisture escape. At the same time, these paints ban the entrance of rainwater and external moisture in the house. It’s one of the fundamental concerns you need to have when choosing paint for your exterior walls since they will be vulnerable to natural effects all year round.

Find Paint With Nano-Particles To Ensure Elasticity

Modern paint for exterior walls has nano-particles to ensure their elasticity. With that benefit, paint can enter the narrow holes and cracks, filling them up without allowing water and cold air to enter inside. That makes it possible to keep colors vivid for a long time and avoid contractions from ice formation in these tiny holes during the winter. Modern elastomeric paint protects your home like a glove and makes your stay inside pleasant.

Choose Paint Colors That Match Your Exterior Bricks And Roof Tiles

If you live in a traditional brick home, you should always select the exterior paint with the widest color palette you can find. The same is valid for roof tiles that should match the paint color you are about to use for exterior painting. Not all paints have a color resembling your exterior bricks and roof tiles, so you need to be careful about it and ask the salesperson explicitly. 

Both interior and exterior paints have evolved through the years and offer you substantial benefits. Cooperating with your painting contractor and taking his advice on the right paint to use is the best way forward for you. 

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