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How To Choose The Best Keyboard Amplifiers?

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A keyboardist realizes that arranger keyboards come with built-in speakers while music workstations have an onboard speaker. So when you want your keyboard to sound louder or to perform with others, you are looking for a keyboard amplifier.

Factors To Look For When Looking For A Keyboard Amplifier

Output Power

Looking for an amplifier for performing at smaller venues or sessions at home, you don’t need much output power. The amplifier should have an XLP input so that you can plug in your mic to sing along for them with the musicians. The keyboard amplifier is ideal for on-stage use as a monitor amp. These are usually preferred for performances set in small venues. The Amplifier should offer great power and multi-channel input so that you can plug in more instruments with your keyboard. 

Quality of Sound

This is an important aspect to consider. While performing in front of a crowd, an amplifier that accurately replicates your sound and expression is needed. Laney amplifiers provide a great sound, but in a limited budget, the VOX amps give a nice sound at a fantastic value.

Effects And Channels

When you are searching for a perfect keyboard amplifier, consider if you want to plug in other instruments, especially if you have to perform with others. Most amplifiers have an XLP and 1/4 inch Jack input so you can sing and play at the same time. You may require more channels when playing with other musicians. The Amplifier must have versatility, power, and multi-channel inputs.


When shopping for a keyboard amplifier, the budget you have always played a key role. Make sure that the amp you go for provides everything you need at the best price.


Keyboard amplifiers are fairly portable, as they use lighter, solid-state components and available in compact cabinets that include both the speaker and amplifier. Concerning maximum portability, there are a number of models designed especially to fit that bill. For instance-the Roland CM – 30 uses a 6.5-inch speaker and a built-in handle grip for a portable, super lightweight design. It’s 3 channels, auxiliary Input and 30 watts power make it suitable for practice, recording, or on stage monitoring applications.

Like the classic guitar amplifiers you see at a Rock concert, the keyboard amplifiers don’t have that sexy, iconic status. Professional musicians and sound technicians tell you, that doesn’t mean a good keyboard amplifier is any less important for getting a great sound. If you are just starting out on keys read more here. Looking to upgrade your sound or joining a band, finding the right keyboard amplifier can be challenging given all the possibilities these days. 

Why Do You Need A Keyboard Specific Amplifier?

Is it necessary to buy an amplifier made specifically for a keyboard, rather than plugging into powered speakers, a PA system, or some other kind of amplifier? This is wondered by some people. The answer is that keyboard amplifiers give some major advantages that make them worth purchasing.

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