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How to Choose Between a Website and a Web App for Your Business


If you are going to start your own company, then you probably understand that you need to make your presence on the Internet obvious to users. With more and more companies developing their online presence in response to the global pandemic every year, young companies need to involve with this from the start. 

However, the question arises whether it is worth investing in the creation of a website or betting on the creation of a web application. For the uninformed, the difference between these two concepts may be confusing, but in fact, they are meant for different things. 

We will talk about what a website and web application are for so that you can make the right choice for your company. 



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With a young company that only a small circle of people know about, you will want everything possible to expand your audience, attract buyers, and also just let people know that you exist. Until a few years ago, you could be busy putting ads on television, radio, magazines, or newspapers to get people to know about you. However, now such methods will bring little benefit and a lot of costs. 

You need a website to inform users. You can engage in providing info about your company, products, and services, making big announcements, advertising, posting valuable content, and so on. Thus, it acts as the best means of promotion. Compared to outdated advertising methods, this is a cost-effective investment. 

All you have to worry about is making a lasting first impression on your visitors. This means creating an impressive design as well as simple structure and navigation. You don’t necessarily need to use the services of professionals, as there are numerous website builders available. 

This is a showcase for any business. It is important to consider that users can view the website not only on a computer or laptop but also on other devices. Therefore, when creating, do not forget about making your website mobile-friendly. 

If all you want is to inform your buyers, then you can stop at creating a website. If you need to go beyond informing and move on to interacting with users, then you need a web app. 

Web app 


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Answer the following questions: 

  • Do you want to enable customers to buy your products online? 
  • Will customers come back to buy from you? 

If you answered yes to these questions, then you need a web application, and specifically a progressive web application. Without going into details, you need a web app to interact with users and buyers on a deeper level than just informing. 

With website builders available, you don’t need any special knowledge or skills. But to interact with clients, you need a unique solution that you can get using web app design services. 

Unlike mobile applications that need to be installed on devices, users only need a browser to access PWA. That is why many people cannot distinguish a website from a web application. 

With a web application, your customers can not only find out the information they are interested in but also take targeted action. Depending on the scope of your business, buyers will be able to rent cars, book flights, do shopping, and much more. 

They differ from websites in high-speed access, as well as offline work. In addition, search engines rank web applications better than websites, so the start for SEO optimization will be made. 


Before you start digitalizing your business, you should think about the purpose of your online presence. If you want to inform buyers and nothing else, then you need a website. If you need a deeper interaction with customers, then you should bet on a web application. And to create a web application, you need a team of professionals to help develop a unique solution for you.

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