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How-to Check If Smart Keyboard And Apple Pencil Are Available Locally

Apple Pencil

As we reported yesterday the Apple accessories for the iPad Pro are facing difficulties due to a big shortage of the products. And if you think you can get these accessories from the online Apple stores then think again! Expect a 4-5 week-long ETA for shipment of these products as stated on the website. To add to that the in-store personal pickup option isn’t even listed as an option for these accessories. Indeed, it has gotten so bad that scalpers on eBay have resorted to selling the products with exorbitant price tags. So we understand that you must be beyond frustrated at this point in time! However, you can still snag a reasonably priced Apple iPad Pro accessory before the end of 2015 or at least at the beginning of 2016.

There have been frequent reports of people that have been able to acquire the accessories from their local Apple Stores even though the website showed them as out of stock. Apparently, Apple is running out of the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard inventory before it gets the deliveries even though frequent shipments of the products are being made to almost all Apple Stores.

So how do they do it? Well, we will tell you and you can try to get your own accessory through our step by step tutorial.

How to check the local Apple Store inventory:

(This is available only between 4 a.m. PST to 10 p.m. PST)

Step 1: Open the Online Store chat on Apple’s website.

Step 2: Tell the company’s representative of your location and the name of your local Apple Store.

Step 3:  Tell the company’s representative about the product you are hoping to buy. (The Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard)

Step 4: Now the representative will check the local inventory and get back to you about the availability of the product.

However, you should know beforehand that the products might not be available because there is no guarantee in this method as the store may run out of the accessories before you even have a chance to get to the store.

The Apple Pencil costs about $99 and the Smart Keyboard costs a cool $169.

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