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How to Boost Your Website Attendance In 2020

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Boost Your Website Attendance

For every brand selling its product or service on its website, driving traffic to the site is very critical for awareness and sales. With more and more websites springing up every day, your brand needs to come up with more innovative strategies to stand out from the rest. Though it might seem a bit daunting because the strategies and marketing tools on how to advertise your website can be on the high side, especially if you’re starting out.

Nevertheless, there are some great ways you can boost attendance on your website and have customers trooping in, with these useful tips on how to increase your website attendance in 2020:

SEO is still King

The very first place most consumers go when looking for a product or service is online using a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Firefox, Bing, etc. So for companies looking for ways on how to interact with customers and boost attendance on their website, making use of SEO tactics is one way to go. SEO has been around as far back as 1997 and is even more relevant in 2020.

Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective ways you can reach out to new customers. It works by placing your website on the first page of old and potential customers’ search engine results. To properly utilize SEO for your website, your page should have the following;

  • Quality and relevant content that answers consumers’ needs and keeps them coming back
  • Keywords or phrases an internet user will likely type in the search engine when looking for your type of product or service. These keywords or phrases can be fixed in your content, Web pages, URLs, Image description, Emails, etc.
  • Longtail words (4 words and above) to reduce competition when a search for similar products is drawn. Google AdWords has a guide you can follow for the best longtail and keywords for your product or service.
  • Great page loading speed that enables your page load quickly. A slow-loading page is bound to reduce your SEO rankings.

A Mobile-Friendly Website Is a Popular Website

For older companies, quite a number of them have fallen behind the curve because their website was designed for an earlier era of eCommerce. Back then, desktop computers and all the rave and websites were designed to suit these systems. Fast forward to 2020, consumers are now accessing the internet from their tablet or smartphone more than from their desktop but with more eCommerce intent now than ever before.

Statistics from the 2019 busy holiday shopping season shows that up to two-thirds of all online purchases came from smartphone users. What this means is that if you have plans on running a successful eCommerce website and boost attendance, it is essential to get your site optimized for mobile use. To achieve a mobile-friendly website, you need to take into consideration the mobile device’s screen sizes and their mode of navigation. It means you will have to keep your text simple and focus on direct links and buttons that lead the consumer to the most important pages.

Spread the Word via Social Media

Over 45% of the world’s population is on social media, and 2020 is poised to see even more people joining the different social media platforms out there. Not only that, but there are also more and more social media apps springing up each day. It is crucial to create social media accounts on popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Likee, YouTube, so you get to have better interaction with your customers and easily promote your website. 

Therefore, when identifying social media strategies that can boost attendance on your website, you need to consider the following:

  • The social media platform that best suits your business and where your target audience can be found.
  • Put up visuals that are compelling and make your audience want to explore more on your website.
  • Utilize the Buy Button, which is an essential feature on social media to generate sales. This button can create an automatic link to your website.
  • Engaging social media influencers that can get their followers to visit your website.

The best way to drive traffic to your website is to link to it on popular social media services with content that attracts potential customers. The best social media platform for your brand will depend on your target audience and how you want to show off your product. If your product is visually driven, Instagram is the place for your brand. And YouTube and Likee are great for video content.

A business with more written information type content needs to be on the Facebook group platforms dedicated to topics that align with the business. These groups allow you to post longer posts and are ideal for rolling out new product announcements to an already interested audience.

Stay in Contact

If you’re looking to build a robust and long-term website attendance then your interaction with a customer should not end once a sale is completed. Therefore, one of the best-promoting tips to boost website attendance in 2020 is to urge customers to sign up for your email list once they reach your website. In this way, they are aware of new products, promos, discounts, etc. that frequently draws their attention back to your site. These frequent contacts help to create repeat customers and make it easier to share important brand news about the company’s future and its product line.

Another website promoting tip here is getting positive reviews on review sites such as Yelp and Google Reviews. When you contact your customers via an email, you can also send them a friendly request to drop a review or rating on these sites. The reason is that when a potential customer sees that your brand ratings are mostly positive, they’re more likely to click on your website. However, there is no gainsaying that to get positive reviews, your product, and customer care must be top-notch.


Most of what is needed to boost your website require little or no financial costs at all. They are all smart investments that can be used not only to attract your target audience but also these tips are bound to provide your audience with organic engagements and increase the likelihood of higher website attendance in 2020.


Author’s Bio: Thomas Lore is a 23-year old writer, who is currently working for Pick The Writer and Writing Judge. Also, Thomas is a creative and diligent freelance blogger, who is always seeking for new ways to improve himself. Thomas is very versatile and he wants to reach the tops with his writing skills.


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