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How to Be a Sports Betting Winner

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Sports betting is a risky business. But if you know what you are doing that risk can pay off, sending you home with some nice profits and also providing some extra entertainment to the sports you are watching. Finding the best bang for your buck can be tough, but who said being a sports betting winner was easy? This is our guide on how to be sports betting winner – why not have a read on and try it out, it’s not even too complicated!


Knowledge is important for anything right? But when it comes to gambling and sports betting, knowing what you are betting on and having sound justification as to why you are betting on it is so important. Luck can only take you so far when predicting sporting results, the rest is down to some serious research and knowledge. So instead of relying on luck, have a delve into the form, recent performances, and statistics surrounding the event that you are going to bet on. By getting to know what you are betting on inside out whether it be a horse race or the FA Cup final, XG tips, or the lucky 15, you give yourself a massive advantage when it comes to making a selection. If you’re into college sports, you’ll be happy to know that you can find good value in college basketball picks. Sites like Doc’s basketball betting tips help you learn the basics, including buying points and taking care of your bankroll. Taking into consideration the conditions, occasion, and external factors to the game are all important in making a sound judgment and eventually sticking that wager on.

Type of bet

Exploring all the different kinds of bets that you can put on seems like a rookie thing to suggest but it’s often overlooked by even the most experienced gamblers. Many start gambling and they don’t realize just how vast the markets are nowadays. When I say you can bet on nearly anything within a football match, I’m not kidding. This means picking the right bet is now harder than ever before, but it also gives those willing to go the extra yard much more choice to improve their bets with better odds and chance of success. Why not try out doubles, trebles, scorers, goals, or cards?

Favorite doesn’t always win

Whilst it always remains tempting to back the favorite, it’s worth remembering that they don’t always win. One of the beauties of sport is its unpredictable nature. There are always upsets and underdog victories. This means that backing the favorite blindly without research or consideration for your selection may not get you the best return for your bet or even worse, burst your bet.

Fewer the selections the better

Sticking on huge 10+ fold accumulators is nothing short of mad when it comes to betting. Whilst there is always a chance that the coupon lands and they have in the past undoubtedly, the chances are so slim. Instead, sticking more money on singles and doubles means you make more profits and get more bang for your buck with less chance of the bet going wrong. Bookies tend to lose more money from high stake singles than low stake accumulators. So if you are solid in your choice, why not stick 20 quid on a solid single bet rather than 20 x £1 10 fold accumulators, because that one single has probably got the best chance of winning you some profits and bashing that bookie.

Avoid promotions and odds-on

When it comes to betting you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your bet. In order to do this, you want to avoid promotions and odds-on markets. In this case, these tempting offers actually hinder your betting selection. Adding an odds-on bet to your selection for the sake of trying to secure a bigger fold accumulator is not worth the risk of that bet going wrong. Likewise, promotions tend to lure you in with attractive offers but on the things, bookies suspect won’t happen. Instead, you want to delve deeper into the betting market on a particular event and uncover a more safe and researched option. For instance, Leicester City might be performing well in the EPL so they have an odds-on promotion happening at the bookies. Whilst they may well win, the chance of an upset is high in the EPL and it’s not worth taking this risk for the odds. Instead, you could look to bet on a more favorably priced bet by selecting Vardy as a goalscorer in the game. Considering he has either won or been thereabouts the golden boot for the last few seasons he has certainly got a good possibility of scoring. The nuance of betting and working your way around the obvious is a skill in itself and certainly something individuals need to learn to be a sports betting winner.

If there was a surefire way of winning bets then we wouldn’t have any bookies so this is by no means a fool-proof guide. But hopefully, these helpful tips allow you an advantage in the future and make sure that you become a sports betting winner more times than being a loser! Time to get bookie-bashing.

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