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How to Backup Office 365 Data exporting Exchange Online to PST?

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Office 365 users rarely carry out the process of backing up the Exchange Online mailboxes. Microsoft indeed provides excellent data security to Office 365 accounts data. There are millions of data or even more than that with Microsoft, which they store in their database. Do you think it is data safe anywhere? Is it very easy to handle such a big number of data? Do you think is it simple to manage such as huge Office 365 data? There are several reasons to backup Office 365 data and human error is one of the common mistakes of the data loss. One single mistake is enough that leads to entire data loss. The technical problem is another problem that causes a huge loss of information.

For this, it is always necessary to do a regular check-up of the software and the hardware to avoid any kind of technical error.

Besides, it is always necessary to do a regular backup of Office 365 mailboxes to prevent from severe loss of the data so that even after any kind of accidents you will have data with you.

Now, here I talk about how to backup Office 365 data.

Method 1: Office 365 Mailbox To PST Using eDiscovery

Step 1: After login to Exchange Online Admin account, go to the Security and Compliance.

Step 2: Under Permission, check on choose eDiscovery Manager. Go to the eDiscovery Administrator and click on the edit option besides that. 

Step 3: Click on choose eDiscovery Administrator Add. Choose member(s) and Add Done Save. In the Office 365 Security and Compliance page, go to eDiscovery option eDiscovery + create a case. Now, you need to provide the name and description of the case. Click on the Save button.

Step 4: In the eDiscovery page, open the created case.

Step 5: Under searches, click on the + new search option.

Step 6: Click on modify and enable the exchange mail option. Hit on Save. Again, Save and run. Give the name to save the file and clicks save.

Step 7: Go to more–> Export report. Select the option from the given output options and hit on the Generate Report button. Your file will get visible on the export page.

Step 8: Double click on the exported report. Hit on the copy to clipboard and download results. Install the eDiscovery tool after downloading it.

Step 9: Open the tool, paste the copied link into the tool, and browse the location to save the data on the system. Click on the start.

The data conversion process takes place from Office 365 to PST Outlook and creates the backup to the chosen location of the device.

Method 2: Office 365 Mailbox Backup to PST Using Software?

Third-party applications are always considered best to export Office 365 mailbox to PST file formats. However, here also people find difficulty choosing the best software for backing up Exchange Office 365 accounts data.

However, I am here to help you out and provide the best Office 365 backup solution.

MailsDaddy Office 365 Backup Tool is one of the excellent solutions developed with the concept of advanced algorithm. The software not only provides the backing of Office 365 data but also takes the entire responsibility of the data.

Features of Office 365 PST Export Tool

  1. With easy downloading and installing the software, it offers a clear and comprehensible interface.
  2. Provide backing permission to both Office 365 User and Admin.
  3. The Administrator is authorized for bulk Exchange Office 365 backup along with Impersonate mailboxes.
  4. Allows exporting of Outlook PST from Office 365 2-factor enabled mailboxes.
  5. The application offers the feature to export Office 365 Online Archive to PST.
  6. Gives multiple options to migrate Exchange Online Cloud into other file formats.
  7. Backs up the complete Office 365 mailboxes to PST instantly and without causing any error or damage to the o365 data.

Working Of Office 365 To PST Tool

  1. When you open the software you need to choose whether you want to login as an Exchange Online User or Administrator. You need to enter the valid ID and Password to Sign-In to Office 365 accounts.

  1. As you login to the o365 user account, all the mailboxes of the User mailbox will be visible. Here, you can select various options to customize the migration process.

  1. After clicking on the Export button, the data conversion process takes place and once completed you get a message of successful completion.

Note: For Bulk export, it is required to login to the Admin account and transfer Office 365 multiple mailboxes to PST using the CSV file.


Through this blog, I tried to explain the method to backup Office 365 data with the help of the eDiscovery tool and the third-party software.

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