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How the Evolving Internet Is Beating Monopolistic Giants of TV Advertising Industry

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Competition in the business world is abruptly going upward because skillful people are preferring self-employment rather than a paid job. The evolution in internet connectivity is providing a wide scope for entrepreneurs to trade globally as well as advertise without the burden of huge expenses too. A decade ago, TV ads were occupying a large share of the advertising industry because gadgets like smartphones and tablets were not approachable to everyone. However, the scenario has changed now and almost everyone is using online portals for entertainment, knowledge gaining, social interaction & shopping purpose. Consequently, online portals have become alternative platforms for advertising. Rather than investing heavily in just video ads, here one can advertise by utilizing any multimedia channel including images, audios, videos & text ads.

Adverse Effects of Big Advertisers on Small-scale Industry

For any small-scale industry such as entrepreneurship and startup, it is not possible to directly compete in the global market. Due to the monopoly of some handful advertisers, industrial giants occupy the entire advertisement space on television. Arranging a high-level budget for small players is not practically possible. Consequently, they remain somewhere in the dust even after producing products and services of world-class quality. There was no effective way of talent exposure until smart displays came into existence.

How Online Connectivity Evolved?

When large criteria of people moved towards smart touch screens rather than televisions, the need for an upgraded version of digital connectivity came into existence. The Internet was already in service, but only for commercial purposes. For cellular networks, slowest 2G data was preferred for a long time period. However, when open-source operating systems evolve, an average person becomes capable of buying smartphones. Consequently, rapid evolution in the internet speed occurred that you can experience with 4G and 5G networks. The aggregate consequences of this upgrade become apparent as increased dependency on the internet rather than television and newspapers.

How Internet Harnessed Their Monopoly

The increasing dependency on the internet is the core reason why all big marketing companies turned towards online marketing. It gave a big opportunity for skilled people to start their own marketing companies at the startup level. Internet treats equally to everyone, all you need is a perfectly working data connection. Below are some points that will explain in detail how big the marketer’s monopoly is challenged by small players.

1) Occupied all online platforms

When large criteria of people become dependant on the internet for entertainment purposes, it becomes too easy for small marketers to reach them directly on any video streaming website or social media site. The user doesn’t require any special authorization for creating and advertising.

2) Provide multiple modes of advertisement

There is no need to depend only on advertisement videos when you have multiple modes of promotion. Online marketing comprises numerous tools in order to promote a product or service through attractive videos, images, audios & texts. Also, their deployment on the world wide web is much easier as compared to the print media or television ads.       

3) Full controls of customization

The Internet gave full customization controls to online advertisers where changes can occur at any time without investing heavily in new broadcasting rights. If one marketing campaigning is outdated or malfunctioning, designing and implementation of a new one is very easy with marketing automation tools. For instance, companies like HubSpot provides a set of tools for deploying your marketing strategy on multiple platforms with its automation feature.

4) Attainability to target potential customers

Due to the artificial integration with this technology, now it has become more convenient to target only a specific group of potential customers. Traditional TV ads agencies broadcast a universal advertisement for all types of people whether they have any relativity to your product or not. On the other hand, online marketers target the people on their interest and need basis. If business owners are getting a precise technology, why would they look towards a less effective option?

How Is it Beneficiating Now?

1) Providing an opportunity to new talents

For thinking out-of-the-box, it requires a new and large pool of talent. In monopolistic competition, a major share of talent remained unutilized. The online evolution is diverting things in the right direction. A major portion of IT industry belongs to digital marketing company that created a competition of promotion to a new level. From startups to enterprise-level, everyone is involving in this profession.

2) No sensor restrictions on creativity

When content is online, there is no restriction of the censor board because internet connectivity spans beyond the boundaries of states or countries. The only thing that needs careful monitoring is the violation of copyrights. An advertiser can create any sort of promotional content even including adult graphics and text.

3) Very cost-effective

When it comes to the cost factor, online advertising options are very cost-efficient. Even the smallest size of business can also afford the price of online marketing strategies.

4) Multiple scopes in IT industry

Within just the online advertising industry, a large number of job profiles come to existence. For implementing different promotional strategies, advertisers require SEO experts, content producers, videographers, programmers, designers, developers, and business analysts, etc. Small agencies are finding new talents, nourishing them with the right guidelines and ultimately evolving the entire industry.

5) Providing global outreach for small businesses

In the era of TV advertisement monopoly, the only convenient way for small businesses to advertise was print media. However, the main drawback of this channel was a limited approach to a local area only. With the help of online marketers, now a business of any size and type can reach its worldwide customers.

Some Drawbacks

Internet treats everyone equally whether you are a kid of 2 years or elder crossing 90s. The promotion of violent content and pornography can badly affect the developing minds of children. The same thing is applicable when it comes to freedom of sensory restriction. Also, there is not an effective way to control plagiarism in content including text, videos, and still graphics. With just little modification in the original content, one can hijack someone other’s hard work & encash the credit.

Upcoming scope

There is a wide scope of online advertising in the future because it holds the potential of beneficiation for all levels of businesses. There is no doubt overpowering the internet is also harmful to society. However, there are effective solutions to these issues that will clearly become apparent soon. The blockchain is currently at its budding stage and holds a huge potential to manage the internet in a better way. Its ability to control duplicate entries will surely help in fighting with piracy. Also, concepts like artificial intelligence integration will surely someday help in distributing appropriate content that doesn’t imply any negative impact on children.

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