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How Technology is Advancing Online Casinos And Gambling

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The gambling industry has been around for a long time, for thousands of years people have been placing bets on a number of different card games, sporting events, or even the weather. But now it is not even necessary to leave the comfort of your own home to gamble, technology has brought casino and sports betting to your fingertips. Online gambling is fast replacing the way in which we gamble, the popularity of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos is in decline, and although they will never cease, online casinos now account for nearly one-quarter of all casino industry profits. This is all made possible by advances in technology and especially the ease at which people can connect to the internet via laptops and smart devices.

Since the gambling industry was changed forever by Microgaming, a company based in the Isle of Man, launched the software in 1994 that is still the model for today’s online casinos and things have only gotten bigger. Now with the ability to login into an account from anywhere at any time, the onlinecasino gambling industry is available to almost everybody.

How Mobile Applications Are Changing The Way People Gamble 

With over 145 million people placing bets or playing the lottery with their mobile devices each year, apps have certainly changed the way in which people gamble. Apps are specifically designed to make life easier for the user and now account for over 40% of online bets being placed, and this figure rises each year. As technology keeps improving developers become more creative and further simplify the apps used in the gambling industry. It is hard to see how traditional bookmakers will be able to compete with the online gambling market.

Online gambling whether it is on horses or football, there is one thing apps and technology cannot replicate, the social aspects of gambling. There is a certain joy from being with friends or fellow gamblers in a traditional walk-in bookmaker or casino that cannot be replaced by apps and technology.

Virtual Reality, The Next Big Game Changer For Online Casinos?

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Virtual reality technology has been around for a long time, and now online casinos are seeing the benefits for their clients and themselves. Still in an infancy stage but being developed rapidly, online casinos can now make their sites more interactive and social to the players. Being able to converse with other players and dealers, even giving the impression of walking around a casino, the user has the feel of being in a brick-and-mortar casino without leaving their home.

The new feature that virtual reality technology brings to online casinos and gambling include:

  • The ability to make the online casino sound just like a traditional casino.
  • Being immersed in a 3D environment, even able to choose your seat.
  • The ability to watch other players and see their hand movements.
  • Chatting at the bar and enjoying a virtual drink whilst taking a break from the games.

The Improved Security That Technology Has Brought To Online Casinos

Confidence in online casinos and gambling has dramatically increased in recent years, this is due to their ability to provide a secure environment to gamble. Cybercrime and identity theft are of paramount concern for everybody using the internet, an estimated $600 billion are lost on average each year to online fraudsters and hackers, and the gambling industry is taking this seriously. With online casino sites now employing facial recognition software, fingerprint verification, and other digital methods of signing in to an account, it has made life much more difficult for hackers to gain access to people’s accounts.

With the extra security being used it creates an atmosphere of trust amongst users of online gambling sites. In addition, gambling companies employ some of the best software developers and a security analyst’s to prevent cyber theft and the hacking of accounts of clients.

Technology is Making it Easier to Make Deposits And Withdrawals

One of the main complaints in the early years when online casinos and gambling sites first started to become popular, was the time it took for financial transactions to be processed. There were nothing clients complained more about than slow withdrawals from online casino and gambling sites, it also made people suspicious that their winnings were not going to be paid to them.

Now there are many safe and reliable ways in which you can receive your money, either through your credit card account, online bank transfers, or even cryptocurrencies, it has never been more safe and reliable to gamble online.

Applications For Wearable Devices Are Coming

Wearable smart devices are becoming all the rage, whether it is with cyclists or part-time runners, they are everywhere. And gambling sites are keen to get in on the popularity of this new trend. It is now estimated that over 70 million people wear smartwatches and use them daily, for a multitude of tasks, including gambling. The gambling industry is currently moving forward with app development at a steady but cautious pace, waiting to see if the current trend of smart wearable devices continues. As the devices become more technically advanced it is not difficult to see online casinos taking advantage of another small portable smart device that can give you access to online poker or casino slots and clients instant access to their accounts.


The online casino and gambling industry and technology go hand in hand together. It is clear that the traditional brick-and-mortar casino and bookmakers will always be a feature for serious or part-time gamblers, but smaller and highly portable smartphones, tablets, and computers have been a game-changer for the industry. The ease at which you can gamble now from the comfort of your own home is a major selling point for many. Especially now during the global pandemic, where we advised against non-essential travel, online casinos have become a way to relax for many people, it is only because of the advances of technology that have been made in recent years that it is possible. Looking forward to the next 20 years, what will technology bring next?

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