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How Technology Changed the Way We Learn and Work

How Technology Changed the Way We Learn and Work, Work online, Learn online, Collaborative Learning, Learn and work online

We live in a technologically advanced society where we simply cannot imagine leading a comfortable lifestyle without the use of technology. As such, the digital age is affecting us considerably, from the way we learn and teach the way we do business and live day-to-day. Actually, it can be said that technology even changes the way we think. That said, it’s interesting to go back 10-20 years into the past as the differences in our learning and working habits between then and now are more than apparent.

A More Collaborative Approach to Learning

Before we heavily relied on technology to provide us with learning materials and connections to others, the entire process of learning was more individual. After all, people would focus on what’s in front of them, be it a book or a teacher, in order to acquire new knowledge and practice what they’ve learned. As we use technology more and more, it’s become apparent that the approach to learning has turned more collaborative as well. Thanks to the plethora of online seminars and webshops, it’s easy enough to seek connections with others throughout the world in order to gain knowledge and practice.

It’s more common for people at work as well to form teams in order to explore ways to get new skills and put them into practice. Not to mention how easy it is nowadays to simply hop online and get in touch with other people through forums and social media as a way to seek answers

Tech Has Become a Tool for Active Learning

Both at school and work, people used to be more passive, especially when they were expected to acquire new information and use it in the future. This passive style of learning revolved around pure content reception where it was necessary to turn to the teachers for all the help you could get. Thanks to the technological advancements in society, teachers are now there to provide guidance and support, but the learning process happens actively. Searching for their answers and new information online together with using various engaging tools and apps has created a student-centric type of learning.

These days, it’s even possible to view tennis instructions through comprehensive videos as a fun and more advanced learning solution. These videos feature different coaches with their own unique tips and practices, which instantly allows the student a far better understanding and more options to learn from. It’s important to get your kids the support they need from professional external sources. A narrative by The Doe points out that sometimes, parents are so bad at coaching that their own kids don’t like sports anymore. By getting immersed in the technological aspect of it all, people are simply more active in their approach to acquiring new knowledge and practicing its use.

How Technology Changed the Way We Learn and Work, Work online, Learn online, Collaborative Learning, Learn and work online


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Ability to Cater to Individual Needs

Together with collaborative and active online learning, a very valuable change that can be connected to technology is the ability to customize both the learning and work experiences. For starters, there are far more options available online as well as different tools that cater to a huge range of different needs and learning styles that a person may have. And when it comes to working, the biggest change has absolutely everything to do with remote jobs. Thanks to the Internet and tech, people can now work from the comfort of their homes or wherever else they find comfortable as long as they have a connection and a laptop without having to step inside the office. In that respect, the employment market has shifted considerably since it’s possible to meet employee demands better and there’s no longer a geographical limit for hiring staff.

The Increase of Multitasking

Even though multitasking cannot be deemed necessary for either work or learning environments, the technological advancements and the way we consume said technology has led to a significant increase in multitasking activities. The simplest example can be shown through the quick switch between different tabs in one’s Internet browser, as one may try to keep up with two different chats at the same time, or manage social media and read an article at once, and so on. There’s also the matter of different gadgets that promote multitasking, such as working on one’s computer only to type on the smartphone at the same time and maybe even use headphones to listen to podcasts and/or music on top of that. Of course, being able to listen to audiobooks while you also have to do chores around the house is definitely a multitasking benefit that can’t be ignored.

It may seem like the boom of technology in our lives happened a long time ago but when you think about it, the way we changed our perspective almost happened overnight. Therefore, it’s impossible to predict what kind of changes and technological advances await us in the future. It’s 100% sure, however, that these changes and upgrades will continue to happen as technology continues to evolve and become even more ingrained in our lives.

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