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How Technology Can Help Us Renovate Our Homes

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If you have joined the multi-million army of enthusiastic homeowners all over the globe who are planning their next home renovation, chances are you’ll be going a different way than your predecessors from only 10 years ago. Home renovation today is all about smart tech incorporation and with this market on the rise, more and more companies are offering products that can be easily integrated into your dream interior design.

The potential benefits from automating your home are limitless and as these upgrades often call for extensive custom design work, it’s best you do it while renovating so you could cut down the overall costs. Integrating smart technology into your home is a strong investment and in the luxury home market of today, these features are now the new normal and can set your home apart from others by significantly raising its value.

From custom designs, color selection via apps to motion sensors, 3D printing, and smart thermostats, renovating your home has become easier than ever.

Digital Help for Custom Design

With the rise of digital devices and smartphones over the last decade, people now expect to have new technologies designed to make lives easier, and companies around the world are rushing to deliver. Today, you can have apps to help you choose the color palette for your home from a single image. You simply take a picture and the app will analyze for you what the best corresponding palette would be.

The next step in customizing interior design isn’t just developing new apps and gadgets that can help in renovations, but it’s also adjusting the art of remodeling so it can follow the rise of new tech. One example is the rise of the “Internet of things” which refers to any type of device or tool that has a connection to the Internet. This allows you to create a centralized digital hub that connects all your smart home devices and thus regulate anything you wish, from lighting and security to room temperature and ambient music.

In this way, smart tech makes it easier to automate each device’s function and makes lives much more efficient. It also gives more confidence to homeowners which makes it easier to jump into their next renovation project. It can be intimidating to do DIY without any prior experience but in this digital age, it’s easy to find digital help. For instance, take YouTube home renovation video tutorials that provide inspiration along with detailed and practical instructions for a wide range of home renovation projects. Having that kind of referenced help makes home renovations far less challenging and as the particular study data show, almost a third of Australians turn to YouTube videos for advice with home reno projects.

3D Printing

When it comes to personalizing home design and decorating it with unique items, 3D printing takes the lead. It offers homeowners an ideal way to create something extraordinary and express their personal vision. 3D has developed beyond just producing plastic items and has expanded into interior design so creating customized objects in a particular style has become easier than ever. You can now make anything from curtain walls, wallpaper, and molding. You can make your own decoration on-demand instead of choosing from an existing shop inventory which truly opens up the possibilities of interior design and individual creativity.

Smart Thermostats

When it comes to the practical aspects of a home, smart tech devices such as smart thermostats can significantly improve your home’s efficiency and comfort. Simply by installing a few extra temperature sensors during your renovation and hardwiring them directly into the smart thermostat, you’ll be able to automatically control the temperature in the entire home.

Smart Home Security Options

One of the most important aspects of every home is its security and as it poses no particular problem to install a new security system into a home that needs no renovations, it’s still better and easier to do it during a makeover. Adding individual components such as motion detectors on doors and windows, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, and flood sensors will significantly improve your home security and they can all be integrated into an automation system and customized to your home layout. It’ll also give you an option to receive alerts to your mobile device if there’s been any access to your home or a potential break-in.

Before the rise of smart technology, homeowners would turn to professional interior designers to renovate their homes. This would often be quite an expensive venture and a lengthy process, so people would often rather settle to simply re-paint their walls in dull neutrals. However, with all the smart tech options and visual information you can get today, even average homeowners are becoming expert DIYers and are happy to jump into their next home improvement project. A well-planned home renovation that includes the integration of smart technology can greatly improve the function and comfort of any home and transform it into a dream abode.

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