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How Smart Tech is Keeping Seniors Safe and Independent at Home

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The first-ever ‘smart’ technology hit the market in the late 1990s, and today is a fixture of many homes. This type of tech encompasses devices that are connected to the same home system in the Internet of Things or IoT. Commonly included in a smart home system are thermostats, smoke detectors, security systems, and refrigerators. Although smart home technology benefits everyone, it has a higher value for seniors since they need a little extra help around the house. Moreover, smart technology can automate most devices – many of which are senior-specific – to make aging in place easier and safer for seniors.

Enables Voice Control in Appliances

One way that smart technology automates appliances is with voice control. Voice control can be installed in everything from TVs to stoves. So by utilizing this technology, homeowners can control their appliances with vocal commands made from their bed, couch, or even another room. How this benefits senior is obvious. With smart technology, seniors don’t have to spend extra time and expend precious energy to operate their devices. Seniors should be a little less stressed and a little healthier as a result.  

Emergency Response Technology

Some smart home systems now contain PERS. PERS, or Personal Emergency Response System, is a one-touch lifeline for seniors to use in the event of an emergency. When pressed, A PERS device alerts an emergency responder that assesses the situation and takes the appropriate action. In 2018, TruSense, a senior-specific smart home technology company, became the first of its kind to include a PERS pendant in its system. This pendant has GPS, a two-way help button, and sensors that can determine if its wearer has been in an accident. If so, it will alert emergency responders and the person’s family. Also, since a smart PERS is an assistive medical aide, its cost should be covered by Medicaid and other types of senior insurance.

Prevents Dark Room Falls

While smart PERS can provide for a senior after a fall, smart lights can prevent the fall from occurring. Approximately 87 percent of fractures to seniors are caused by falls – and many of these falls happen in dark rooms where obstacles are plentiful. Smart lights allow seniors to control the brightness of a room without having to walk to a switch. They can dim the lights or turn them on or off by using an app, motion sensors, or the aforementioned voice command. The threat of dark rooms can, therefore, be eradicated.

For seniors who have their own home but are concerned with personal safety, smart home technology is the perfect solution. Smart voice-controlled lights and appliances make everyday life much easier, while the smart emergency response pendant can call for help even when you can’t. This is just the tip of the iceberg for smart assistance; the possibilities for seniors are endless.

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