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How Should Leaders/Small Business Owners Communicate? 

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If you are running a small business, you must have a team that helps you run your business. Communication is as critical in startups and small companies as in a big organization. The ways of communication and methods of using your words hold the secret to influence your listeners. 

Excellent communication skills help to make your point clearer. It influences others and grabs their attention. Anytime you communicate with others is an opportunity to let people know, influence, and inspire. So, the right choice of words and actions while you speak makes a significant difference. It makes you appear confident, firm, and self-assured. With these attributes in your language, you can move your team from one point to another by changing their thoughts and emotions. Those attributes in your language urge them to listen to you carefully and remember your words for longer durations. Besides this, Your team will give you more favors if they can notice an apparent love of speaking within you.

Apart from regular days and routine times, there are certain moments where your language should pitch perfectly. Being a small business owner, you may come across situations where you need to deliver your message in full vigor.

For instance, those situations may include:

  1. handling a new customer 
  2. finalizing a deal
  3. sharing your views during the office meetings
  4. talking to clients, colleagues, and supervisors
  5. apologizing for mistakes
  6. dealing with difficult conditions
  7. breaking bad news, 
  8. congratulating people
  9. revealing raises and promotions
  10. throwing a party to the team

There are many other vital situations where the correct language and proper verbal and non-verbal communication lead us to the desired results. By getting persuasive in expressions, you become more promotable. It helps you rise at the top of the corporate ladder and help you present your points in less time. 

Catching someone’s attention is something that is hidden in excellent communication skills. You can be remembered and make a persuasive argument by having an intelligent way of communication. Communication is a way to take you to the peak. You have to be confident and competent whenever you speak. The basis of holding your team’s attention is enclosed in some of the characteristics within you. 

Essentials For Excellent Communications

So, what is the secret of perfect communication? The essentials for excellent communications are practice, distinctiveness, precision, crisp conviction, and delightfulness.


Practice, practice, and practice a lot. Famous speakers and professionals who seem confident and intelligent among the crowd practice what they have to say in front of the masses. Practicing doesn’t require you to say it a hundred times, but do it a few times and ingrain it. However, some of you need to practice a bit more than others. Take your time and excel in front of the team. 


You need to develop distinctiveness from others. If you have something exciting and unique, people would love to listen to you. As a team leader, you should be ready with something new. When they listen to you or talk to you, they should learn something. A distinctive talk will inspire your audience a lot more than general ones. You can use stories and lessons to keep your message unique and hook your listeners. 

Crisp Conviction

Be confident and clear with what you say. Do not use words like “I think, sort of, kind of” words. Ten to eighteen minutes is the ideal time when you grab your listeners’ attention. 


Be on point and keep things short. Don’t repeat and drag the same point unnecessarily. 


Keep a sense of delightfulness in your conversation. If your audience feels a sense of love in what you do and say, they will judge you in your favor.

Sum It Up

Good communication is the key to great team building. Your communication and presentation skills must be intact regarding the beauty industry or mobile app development services. No matter what your business niche is, you have to build your team so that every team member remains motivated and enthusiastic about the work. Excellent communication from the leaders saves employees from demotivation and negligence. Therefore, try to develop the attributes mentioned above in your communication and keep your team’s morale high. 

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