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How OneDrive, SharePoint & Microsoft Teams Improve Business Collaborations

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It’s no secret in the business community that Microsoft 365 has been a smashing solution’s success. From its cost-effective multiple device installations to allowing team members to work remotely, Microsoft 365 has delivered its promise to provide enhanced benefits for businesses in every sector.

But the nature of how companies perform joint tasks continues to evolve. Visionaries are already looking for innovative strategies to conduct collaborative efforts. With the rising technological innovations, Valto is one of the visionaries who makes work life easier. These people are aimed to resolve concerns about expanding endpoint devices becoming the low-hanging fruit for hackers to infiltrate. These fears and desires have entrepreneurs and decision-makers wondering just how beneficial OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams could prove in terms of collaborations

Eric Weast, a Fort Lauderdale IT services professional with ECW Network & IT Solutions in Fort Lauderdale shares some insights in OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.

OneDrive Breaks Down PC versus Mac Barriers

Widely considered the “intelligent” app for Microsoft 365, OneDrive facilitates users’ ability to secure images and files from numerous devices. The app then allows everyday people to pivot and share them in real-time while conducting tasks. The product ranks on the user-friendly end of the digital transformation curve. Businesses often find that it helps ease technology novices into Microsoft 365 packages. The following rank among the vital collaboration benefits.

  • Review, edit, and craft images from most devices
  • Share and organize files in real-time
  • Eliminates obstacles when files need to be leveraged accessed across PC and Mac devices

Industry professionals also anticipate that OneDrive will offer enhanced benefits going forward that include upload invitations, smart-phone document scanning, and cybersecurity measures that include blocking unauthorized access to files.

SharePoint Delivers Enhanced Group File Storage

Every successful collaboration requires a focal point where team members can efficiently store files. That largely sums up the name “SharePoint,” and such hubs can be seamlessly created by integrating OneNote and Planner apps, among others. This also allows team members the option of limiting shared files to others in the group or bringing in other key stakeholders. These benefits rank among SharePoint’s most notable collaboration benefits.

  • Users can articulate content to group members
  • Augments ability to garner and disburse vital information
  • Works effectively with other Microsoft apps
  • Enhances team member ability to manage and control data

In terms of being user-friendly, SharePoint portals may be highlighted on devices as a Microsoft Teams tab. In this respect, it engages tech newbies and creates a harmonious ecosystem with Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365 at large.

Microsoft Teams Provides A Central Hub

To say Microsoft Teams takes collaboration to the next level would be something of an understatement. This central teamwork platform simplifies efforts such as chats, electronic meetings, and the ability to insert critical documents into a group-think powerfully. In many respects, Microsoft Teams makes the previous innovative connectivity of things like email look like dinosaurs. Rather than run searches and scroll through hundreds of communications, Microsoft Teams brings message tracking into the 21st Century. Along with those exciting advancements, Microsoft Teams hands businesses other benefits that include the following.

  • Integrated collaboration with Office applications
  • Real-time ability to request meetings, electronic chat, or virtual calls
  • Ability to develop, review, and edit files remotely
  • Each Hub can be customized to meet unique project needs

Microsoft Teams reportedly has the enhanced ability to embed upwards of 150 peripheral apps into tabs. For operations that may need to leverage a third-party app, that possibility remains on the table. It also enjoys Enterprise cybersecurity that can meet or exceed compliance standards.

Given the wide-reaching possibilities that OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint offer, it’s not surprising that they continue to trend as hot business collaboration solutions. Forward-thinking professionals would be wise to integrate these and other next-generation tools for profit-driving endeavors.

Stuart Crawford



Author’s Bio: Stuart Crawford is the managing partner for Ulistic LP. Ulistic LP is a 10+ year old business development and marketing agency for managed IT service providers in Canada, Australia and the United States.



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