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How Much Sleep Do Puppies Need?


Did you get a new puppy, and you’re wondering why your puppy sleeps so much? Well, you have nothing to worry about. For Puppies to develop into active and healthy adult dogs, they need all the sleep they can get.

Suppose you are still not sure if your puppy is getting the right amount of sleep or they are oversleeping. This post will give you an insight into how long do puppies sleep. 

How Much Sleep Do Puppies Need?

The number of hours needed for sleep varies depending on the puppy in question. However, a typical puppy would need an average of 18 to 20 hours of sleep per 24 hours, and this amount of sleep is usually needed for a minimum of 6 months after birth. 

It would help if you kept in mind that just because a puppy needs this long number of hours doesn’t mean they will be sleeping all night. For puppies, needing long hours of sleep doesn’t translate to them sleeping at a stretch. Just like human babies, you need to develop sleeping cycles. These sleep cycles centered around bursts of 2 and 4 hours of sleep. 

Reasons Puppies Need Much Sleep

At this stage, they are constantly growing, and sleep is essential for healthy growth to occur because it is needed to develop different systems of their body. Examples of these systems are; the central nervous system, immune system, muscles, and brain. The growth of these systems consumes a lot of energy. Thus, your puppy needs enough sleep to recharge its body. 

Aside from the physical and systematic development that makes your puppy gets tired quickly, mental stress is also there. Your puppy is constantly learning as each day passes. This learning experience is also mentally draining, and your puppy needs enough sleep to recharge its body for the learning process of each day. 

Ways to Make Your Puppy Sleep All Night

For some puppies, sleeping all night in a new home comes easy, while for others, they might find it so difficult. Here are ways to make your puppy sleep all night.

Allow Your Puppy Nap During the Day

You may feel tempted to keep your puppy awake all day for them to get enough sleep at night. Making them awake all day can cause them to produce adrenaline which may disturb their sleep at night. If you try this, it may end up becoming overtired and can be counterproductive when getting them to sleep at night. 

While taking naps is advised, you should, however, prevent your puppies from sleeping too long during the day. Asleep of 6 to 8 hours long during the day may lead to them wanting to use energy reserved at night.

Prepare A Sleep Place For Your Puppy

You should ensure your puppy has a set place for sleeping. The place should be safe, quiet, and comfortable. You can make use of a crate or a dog bed to set them up in a quiet room. 

While setting up, ensure the prepared place is inviting and give them the treat to encourage them. If the sleeping place is in your living room, ensure you dim the light once it’s time to sleep. A quiet and dark place serves as a sleep signal to puppies. 

Prepare A Routine

Having a set routine helps your puppy adapt quickly. It would help if you had a routine for napping, playtime, mealtime, and bedtime. You may have to wake early to keep to this routine. However, getting your puppy used to the sleep routine is important. 

You should have set time for everything your puppy will be doing from the first day, especially their sleep time. Once it’s time to sleep, you should reduce their food and drink intake. Play with them, take them out for the last toilet break, and settle them in. 

Get Your Puppies Accustomed To Sleeping Alone

Puppies can find it challenging to settle in after separating them from their mother or littermates. Thus, they’ll need reassurance to settle in. They also need to learn how to sleep on their own. So, when they are sleeping, you should resist the urge to cuddle them. If they sleep off on your lap, you should gently take them to their bed space or crate. Or, if you notice they are dozing off, you should lead them to their bed space and settle them in. By frequently doing this, they will get used to sleeping alone and end up sleeping all night.

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