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How Much Should You Pay For Unlimited Data in Singapore

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Data traffic is probably the most important service we all use on our smartphones. The price of unlimited data in Singapore can vary a lot depending on several factors. In simple words, there are two ways to get unlimited data and you will have to decide which one is right for you.

#1. Plans with unlimited data traffic

The first option is to get a subscription that already has unlimited data traffic included in the base plan. Usually, these plans have an unimaginable number of minutes of talk time included and excessive amounts of SMS traffic. If you will use all of those, having a basic plan with unlimited traffic can be the right option for you. However, you should expect to pay a high monthly bill for these services. It can cost you around $48 to get a plan with unlimited data.

#2. Add unlimited data to an existing plan

The second option is to get a cheap base plan and add unlimited data on top. Usually, this comes as an extra option that you can activate on top or deactivate when you no longer need it. Going for this option will offer you better control over your monthly bill. The price of unlimited data in Singapore can be expensive but with this approach, you can get unlimited data for around $38.

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There Is a Catch…

Paying prices can be higher than $38 depending on your carrier and what plans they have. If you do get one of these plans, you need to be aware of one aspect. These plans usually have a given amount of traffic on 4G then after that traffic volume is exceeded, it will only allow 3G traffic. This means that you get around 100 GB of 4G traffic then unlimited traffic at slower 3G speeds. The price of unlimited data in Singapore can get steep if you do not pay attention to what you are signing up for.

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