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How Much is a Juice Bar Franchise?

Juice Bar Franchise

With people being more health-conscious due to a pandemic over our heads, it is no surprise that the organic food industry is now essentially a thriving market that is promised continued growth. More and more people are paying close attention to what they are putting into their bodies and where exactly it’s coming from. This trend not only benefits the health benefits and the general well-being of the people around, but it also leverages the opportunities related to health food franchises. This industry will be worth well over $70 billion by 2025, and the market is full of promises. Speaking of organic health franchises, juice bars are not far behind. Visit to get an insight into the offerings of this franchise.

Why Should You Consider a Juice Franchise?

Every day, people establish businesses without the help and advice of a franchisor. But why not take advantage of the possibility of creating a health food franchise with some of the top brands in the industry?  Franchising is a fantastic method to work for you, not by you, and the offerings extended by the juice bar franchise are sure great ones. There are real estate specialists who can assist you in locating and designing the ideal juice bar store. Juice bars also generally have long-standing ties with key distributors and suppliers. You may profit from the brand’s huge social media presence as well as the support of a staff of qualified home office experts.

Cost of Juice Bar Franchise

Most juice bars go out of the way to be open and honest about the juice bar franchise pricing, not only because it’s the right thing to do but also because a well-informed and well-prepared franchise partner has a better chance of success. When you join the brand family, you may anticipate incurring the following costs. The $45,000 franchise fee for a single unit offer provides new franchise partners with full access to our training program. You’ll also get all of the tools you’ll need to open your own juice bar store, as well as exposure to the brand’s Home Office team of nearly 30 individuals to assist you. You’ll also have to pay a monthly royalty of 6% of your gross sales, as well as a 2% branding and marketing fee, on top of the franchise fee. There is also a $120000 liquidity requirement and a $500000 net worth requirement. 

Reasons to Consider a Juice Bar Franchise

  • Organic Lifestyle: Juice bars like Clean Juice is the premiere USDA-certified organic juice solution that promotes an organic lifestyle. This not only starts a discussion about organic food consumption but also helps to take concrete steps toward making it more accessible.
  • Promotes industry growth: The organic produce market in the United States is presently worth $58 billion and is expected to reach $70 billion within the next five years. Juice bar franchises empower people to participate in expanding the health food business and profit from it.
  • Exceptional brand recognition: Clean Juice is a nationally recognized brand with over 100 locations. Clean Juice is not just well-known in the health food community, but it also has a sizable social media following, making it an important brand name.
  • Support from the franchisor: Clean Juice would be for its franchisees every step along the way. They have your back, whether it’s quick access to a prospective customer or a team of professionals already in place to assure your success.
  • Web of Franchise Partners: The juice bar community is a wonderful group of people who all have the same aim of seeing the company succeed and flourish. In just five years, Clean Juice has grown from one location to over 100. What started as a single store in 2015 has grown into a large, welcoming family of Clean Juice franchise partners around the country, as well as the country’s first USDA-certified organic juice bar franchising opportunity.

We as a community are becoming more and more attuned with our body, health, and what we consume, so when something like a juice bar comes along, it is only natural that it attracts a huge following instantly. By having more and more franchises be a part of this community, we are not only making organic juices more accessible to the masses, but it also helps in building a healthier nation. By being a part of this revolution, you get to be a part of an important change. Whether you are passionate about health, love the juicing revolution, or are just looking for a great business solution, the Clean Juice franchise will have your back!

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