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How Much Electricity Is Wasted Around The World?

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Wasted Electricity

We lose so much energy every day that these numbers are pretty much unimaginable. In 2012 total electricity consumption was 20,900 TWh. It’s a massive amount, but there’s one terrifying thing about it – we lost almost 20% of it. That’s why you have to do everything you can to continuously improve energy efficiency because it’s crucial for many reasons.

Energy Sources

First of all, you help our planet by doing it. The energy is produced thanks to many natural resources, for example, coal, natural gas, or petroleum. Only 1,240 TWh out of 12,190 TWh was renewable energy. It means that increasing energy efficiency will have a significant impact on the environment. There are many eco-friendly things that you can do, but maximizing energy efficiency should be your top priority.

Saving Energy

Thinking about the planet is praiseworthy; however, saving electricity in your home should be an obvious thing for you because of one more reason – the possibility to save the money. Whenever you turn off unused lights, unplug unused devices, take shorter showers, or even fix a leaky faucet, you do yourself a financial favor. These are a few out of many things that accumulate quickly and enlarge your electricity bills.

Think of how you use energy, and what you could do, in order to save it. According to the Cirro energy reviews, people pay the most attention to price when it comes to electricity providers. Unfortunately, they rarely do anything to decrease the electricity waste. And, it’s not even that hard to do it. At the very beginning, make sure to kill the “energy vampires” at your home. If you want to learn how to do it, take a look at the infographic provided by Texas Electricity Ratings:


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