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How Many Work Hours To Buy An iPhone

Work Hours

I came across an interesting topic that got me thinking about how long we need to work in order to afford an iPhone. These are highly coveted, and desirable devices but they are also quite expensive. Millions of iPhone users will say it was worth the wait no matter how many work hours it took to obtain one.

Of course, this will vary not only by the individual worker but largely by geography since there are cities that are generally more affluent than others.  They tend to have higher gross salaries than in other cities.  So in a city like Zurich or New York, you’d be able to get your hands on that new iPhone within 20 to 24 working hours.  A little longer in other cities and a lot longer in others.

Statista has researched this topic and came up with the following chart.  They used data from the “Prices and Earnings” report that is published once every three years by the Swiss Bank UBS. They used earnings data for 15 professions in 11 sectors.  This is a global report and New York is the only U.S. city listed in the chart below. It would be interesting to see a similar report that provides similar earnings data for cities throughout the U.S.

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