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How Long Do Radiesse Fillers Last?

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Many people think that the longer the dermal filler lasts, the better it is. Sure, it’s crucial to invest money in the long-lasting effect, however, the action the remedy causes to your body is way more important. Such dermal fillers as Radiesse injectables provide non-surgical face lifting and long-term wrinkle correction. As a rule, Radiesse lasts 12-15 months, which is twice longer than other dermal fillers last. However, accurate data depends on the injection site and the product dosage.

Why Radiesse Fillers Last Longer Than Other Injectables?

Radiesse is a popular and progressive calcium hydroxyapatite-based dermal filler. The remedy has almost 20 years of a brand’s history. At this time, Merz (one of the leading German pharmaceutical companies) is the official Radiesse dermal fillers supplier. The range includes several products with identical composition, but different volumes. There are Radiesse Extra (0,3 ml), Radiesse Normal (0,8 ml), and Radiesse Maxi (1,5 ml).

All fillers work to revitalize and stimulate natural collagen production. But separately, each type of dermal fillers is designed to solve different aesthetic problems:

● to replenish the lost volume to cheekbones;

● to smooth out facial wrinkles;

● to enrich the skin with new collagen;

● to lift and tighten the surface of cheeks;

● to restore sagging skin and return you a youthful appearance and fresh shape of the face;

● to rejuvenate the hands’ skin;

● to perform non-surgical rhinoplasty;

● to correct oval of the face.

The effect after Radiesse injection lasts longer than the result after procedures of hyaluronic acid-based fillers. If the patient follows all the doctor’s recommendations, he/she can enjoy excellent skin condition for 15 months or more. Noone other injectable drug causes such an excellent effect. One more advantage of Radiesse is neocollagenesis stimulation – the remedy triggers the natural collagen production processes making the skin smooth and tighten.

How To Care For The Skin To Maintain A Rejuvenating Effect For 3 Years?

Indeed, the effect of the procedure can last up to 2-3 years. But to achieve such a goal, patients should properly care for their skin. There are no serious side effects and painful reactions, the process of treatment is smooth and almost painful. Doctors make injections into the lower layers of the skin to prevent the vessel’s affection. The good outcome after the performed procedure is seen when the swelling passes.

If the filler is injected into the nasolabial folds or other delicate areas, the patient should not eat very solid food that he\she need to chew hard. The whole process takes 15-30 minutes depending on the tissue sites to inject, and the amount of the drug to enter under the skin. Don’t worry if there is slight puffiness after the cosmetic operation – this pain will disappear in a few days. A positive effect is observed already after the first session, and in order to maintain it as long as possible, please, avoid the following activities:

● visiting the solarium

● relaxing in saunas

● sunbathing

● doing hard physical activity

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