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How Is The Data Science Job Market In Houston?

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Data science is not a newly emerged field, but indeed it’s a field that has become more popular. Companies rely more on data for business decisions than ever before. These industry trends remain undiscovered without data science. 

What is Data Science? Who is a Data Scientist?

It is an interdisciplinary field of scientific processes, methods, systems, and algorithms to acquire knowledge or awareness of data in different forms. In data science, data analytics, statistics, and machine learning are combined. The methods related to all these fields are used to gain an understanding and evaluate data.

In simpler words, data science applies theories and processes from a wide range of fields, and data scientists are analytical data experts with the technical capabilities to solve various issues. Data scientists take up and use their ability to clear these data points and organize many complex data points, both structured and unstructured. They do so in different contexts.

People interested in working in data science often wonder about the data scientists’ job outlook. Do you want to pick out a career that you are passionate about and give you long-term stability when you’re in college?

Speed up your career with the Data Science course Houston. This course combines theory, case studies, and projects perfectly. Get recognized by employers throughout the world with international certification. However, there is an increasing need for skilled workers in this field regarding the job prospects for data scientists.

Why should you attend a Data Science Course at Houston?

Houston has several bootcamps in data science and data analytics and has emerged as a new and growing technology city. It is one of the following big cities for technical jobs with several big data technology companies. Texas is the third highest in data science and mathematical science roles. However, data analysts and scientists have other opportunities than the tech industry.

Data analytics and data science are used in industries such as healthcare, travel, and corporate finance. For many Fortune 500 companies, Houston will be the headquarters. Data scientists are in such high demand.

Is it a worthwhile career to pursue data science certification?

For countless reasons, the answer is a big YES. Digitalization across domains creates tons of data and requires data science professionals to assess and gain meaningful insight and do millions of jobs in the data sciences space. Data scientists in the job market are considered the highest. The career path of the data scientist is longstanding and rewarding as the generation of data increases slowly, and the need for data scientists is steadily rising.

  • 1.4 Lakh jobs are vacant under NASSCOM in the area of data science, artificial intelligence, and big data
  • By 2021, the world will see a deficit of 2.3 lakh data scientists.
  • According to the Talent Supply Index, in 2018, the demand for data scientists in India grew by 417%.
  • Data science is the best job in the 2018 Glassdoor rankings
  • Data scientist is the sexiest job in the 21st century

The job outlook in Houston

The data science jobs have rocked by 256 percent since December 2013—more than threefold. Houston provides data scientists with the best salaries. According to job sites, the demand for data science is exponentially growing, driven by big data and AI. However, there is slower growth in the supply of qualified applicants.

Indeed, one of the world’s top job sites in the January report shows a 29% year-over-year increase in demand for data scientists and a 344% growth over 2013 – a dramatic boom. But while demand continues to grow sharply – in the form of job applications – searches by researchers with expertise in data science have grown slower (14%), implying a gap between supply and demand.

Companies must use the information to personalize the experience in scale to acquire and retain increasingly empowered customers today. To make the massive volume of data enterprises active, data scientists are crucial. The increase in AI and machine learning can also contribute to a dramatic increase in data scientists’ demand.

How much does a Data Scientist earn in Houston? 

With the high demand for data scientists, it is not surprising that salaries for this position are also higher. The role of data scientist holds an annual salary of $106,000, as shown by a yearly Dice salary survey.

As one of the most paying cities, Houston helps a traditional data scientist earn a good salary. The average data scientist salaries in affordable Houston were around $138,000 in 2018 – this means about $123,000 following a cost of living adjustment.  

As of 29th June 2021, the average salary for data scientists in Houston, TX, was $114,382, but the normal range is between $66,962 to $78,498. Salaries vary greatly depending on the number of essential factors you have spent in your profession, including education, certifications, and other skills.

Payscale: A data scientist with less than 1-year experience can retain an average total compensation of $77,797 based on 32 salaries (including incentives, bonuses, and extra time pay). A 1–4-year-experienced data scientist earns an average total compensation of 89,777$ based on 95 salaries. A 5-9 years mid-career data scientist makes an average overall compensation of $102,014 based on 43 salaries. Based on 11 salaries, a skilled data scientist with 10 to 19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $95,000.

Indeed: Data from Houston and San Francisco show that the top cities for data scientists have an average lifetime cost of just over 120,000 USD. Sixty-eight percent of US data scientists believe that their salary is sufficient to meet their living costs.

Final words

The computer and information research scientists’ jobs are estimated to grow by 15 percent by 2029. It is considered much more rapid for all occupations than the average. In fact, for all fields, the total expected growth in the job for the same period is only 4 percent.

The rapid adoption of data analysis by different businesses and industries drives the need for more data scientists. Data-driven decision-making helps companies improve productivity, streamline operations, and reduce costs, which all do in a wide range of desirable industries.

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