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How Is CBD Wine Better than Regular Wine

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Undoubtedly, all of us want to be healthy and we know how, but the thing is, it is challenging to live a healthy lifestyle as most healthy habits are not exciting and fun. We wish we could magically transform into our ideal body and health with the flick of a finger.

Consuming regular alcohol while stressed leads to further complications and problems like bloating, hangovers, and headaches, which can affect how we function for the next couple of hours. Is there a good alternative to our regular wine that is worth a shot?

What exactly is CBD?

CBD is a component found solely in the hemp plant which can also be laboratory-created. 

Despite the fact that regular wines have concerns over their alcohol levels, CBD has not had a single example of dependence or potential reliance since studies demonstrate that it does not make a person “high,” but rather more relaxed.

CBD only contains less than 1% THC, making it illegal in different parts of the world like in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Although there is only a percentage in existence, THC is meticulously removed from hemp plants before they are used to manufacture wines. In some places, it is unlawful to sell hemp plants with more than 0.2 percent THC in the United Kingdom.

What is a CBD-infused Wine?

Now that we have established the definition of CBD, let us dive deeper into its being infused in wines. Innovatively, wine with CBD content is creating a buzz in different parts of the world due to its health benefits and taste. The usual colors of wine are red and white, but now you can choose green!

CBD-infused wine also gives drinkers a unique feeling. When a certain CBD strain is mixed with a certain grape, the wine has a different taste and value. As an example, Chardonnay paired with Sour Diesel creates a euphoric feeling or excitement. The red blend and headbead give drinkers a calming feeling.

To make sure that the taste of CBD and wine were perfectly preserved, experts carefully used tinctures. This allows them to create the best possible mixture of two strong flavors. 

Woman Drinking Wine 

Where can I get a CBD-infused wine?

In California, the laws are strict with regard to combining alcohol and CBD. It is illegal in that country to mix and sell the two in the same venue and/or event. This is because mixing the two creates a powerful drink that is also dangerous, as drinkers may be left extremely numb, sedated, or disoriented. This is also the reason why in the United States, the only allowed mixture is CBD with non-alcoholic wines.

Since CBD is considered safe, many clubs offer an extensive menu list of CBD-infused wines, creating that “weed and wine” culture that is currently shaking the market. On the other hand, things are a bit different if you visit the European Union, as alcoholic red and white wines are allowed to be infused with CBD. People usually get a hangover after, but it allows them to enjoy both the wine and CBD.

What are the Benefits of CBD-infused Wine?

Still interested in CBD-infused wine? That is good news as we will now be talking about how this particular line of wines can improve your overall health as compared to regular wines.

Affordability and a Unique Taste

Finding the best bottle of wine out there with commendable taste should not ruin your wallet. The new CBD-infused wine has two products in a single drink that offer unique tastes depending on your preferred flavor.

Although CBD on its own has an unpleasant taste, combining it with wine creates distinctive sweet flavors that will make you forget the awful taste and smell of CBD oils.

It should be noted here that regular wines and CBD-infused wines taste almost the same, but the high level of alcohol in regular wines usually covers the taste and aroma of the wine, making it appear stronger and bolder.

Science backs up the idea that lower alcohol levels make drinkers taste the wine more as compared to high-level alcohol. But, the bottom line here is that taste and aroma still depend on the style of the producer.

Less Alcohol for the Body

CBD-infused wines contain less alcohol, which gives you more freedom to drink without worrying about risks developed from excessive alcohol consumption. 

Those who are trying to reduce or entirely quit alcohol can drink CBD-infused wines since the same effects can be enjoyed by wine lovers with less alcohol. 

Rich in antioxidants

Many people run after antioxidants as these are important to our body’s response to damage caused by external factors such as unhealthy food, smoking, pollution, etc. 

Red wine is usually linked to antioxidants, but when paired with CBD, it can eliminate harmful cells inside our body. We need to give our bodies more antioxidants and we can do that by consuming foods and drinks rich in antioxidants.

It helps keep a healthy heart

Thanks to CBD and wine, our hearts will be healthier as the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD lessen the risks of drinkers’ getting strokes, coronary heart disease, and high blood pressure, to name a few, as compared to regular wines that increase one’s risk by 20% per two drinks.

Who Will Win Our Mental Health?

Anxiety, depression, and stress are particularly important as societal topics now. After a long day at work, either in an office, home, or field, it is important to find something that will help us relax.

Usually, a tiring day asks for some “me time,” which includes a relaxing wine session. Lastly, one of the health benefits of CBD wine is its ability to calm people. Wine with infused-CBD is proven to help people relax due to the latter’s serotonin and dopamine content. Our body releases these chemicals into our body that aid our well-being.

There are also other health benefits that cbd-infused wine offers, which include lower risks of getting cancer and diabetes. 

This is not the case for regular wines, as they usually result in drinkers getting headaches, bloating, and hangovers after heavy drinking.


CBD-infused wine is undoubtedly a trend nowadays and is getting more attention from people across the world. CBD has lots of health benefits that are catching the attention of potential customers as compared to regular wines.

As the world progresses, more health-conscious people will find alternatives to regular wine, and the CBD-infused one is the best product out there.

Should you wish to try a CBD-infused wine, it is recommended to consult a professional who can help you choose the right flavor and dosage.

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