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How is a Logo Design Cost Determined?

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A logo is an image that represents your brand‘s aura and vibe. It is an image that creates an association between you and your audience. A logo plays an important role in building your brand presence in the market. It is that one image that will tell your audience about the company’s presence everywhere. 

The virtual value of a logo is a lot however you cannot precisely put a monetary figure on logo design since the charges vary depending on the client’s requirements, deadline as well as the number of concepts or drafts they want.

Unlike products that set the value depending on the price, as far as the logo design is concerned, you get what you pay for, and then based on your logo, you get judged by the audience.

Factors That Determine Logo Design Cost

Expertise Of the Designer

A designer’s years of experience is not the only thing that hypes up the logo design cost. A logo designer also has to strengthen their grip on the overlapping fields such as psychology, information design, and colour theory to name just a few. The theory and concepts derived from these fields help the designer understand your audience’s perspective better. 

Additionally, a logo designer is also researching, updating, and honing their skills, through practice, courses, trial and error versions among other things. A successful logo designer invests a lot of time, money, and creativity into just developing a profile on social platforms. 

With experience and strong background, a premium designer charges extras with the guarantee that the logo of your company will stand out in the market. A good amount of money spent on the logo is the distinction between you and your competitor. 

The Tools They Use

We all like free software and mostly get by with the pirated version of the software. However, the same strategy can be applied when it comes to quality logo designing. While there is a lot of free software you can use to create a quality logo but the advanced and consistent logo quality can only be achieved through paid tools. 

Several agencies or logo designers purchase paid tools for better work quality. It is surely an investment but it is also reflected on the logo prices. If a logo price is high the designer is likely using professional paid tools.

With advancements in technology, there are certain tools required to create a specific effect in the logo. Some of the paid software for professional logo designing includes:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Canva Logo Maker
  • Tailor Brands Logo Maker
  • Looka
  • Icona
  • Wix 
  • laughing bird
  • Logo Design Studio Pro

On a side note, logos created with paid tools have their own distinctions as compared to the free software logo designs. 

File Format Of Logo

Most clients think that they are entitled to all the file formats of a logo design. However, the image quality of a logo depends on the file format. The file format can damage the pixels of the image in the print and it can also make your logo appear crispier. The final printed look on your logo depends on the file format. 

While JPG and PDF formats of a logo can easily be created, other formats of file require specific software. The higher the quality of the logo image, the better and paid software will be required. 

Another reason that file format costs more is that each format requires some changes and dynamics according to the file standard. If you want a logo design in more than one format, it means that the designer will have to invest more time in it, and honestly, time is money. 

Each format is used for different purposes. For example logo format for your social media account would be different and the logo format for bricks and mortar business that requires a logo on signage, vehicles, and marketing materials would be different. 

The most common file formats of the logo include AI, TIFF, PSD, EPS, PNG, GIF, JPG, PDF. Of all these, an eps file is the gold standard for logo files. The format is a vector-based image that allows resizing of the logo without deteriorating the quality. The least preferred format is JPEG.

If your designer is charging a little extra for the format files, pay for it!

The Logo Designing Packages

The logo designing packages is fairly a new trend in the market. Previously these packages were offered occasionally as a part of discounts. However, today the majority of the agencies deal with clients through the packages that offer website development services, logo designing as well as SMM services. 

Logo designing packages are fairly cost-effective for small to medium-size businesses. A standard package includes 2-3 concepts, revisions, files, and TAT at a standard price of £100. With each package’s loyalties increasing, the package would hike in the prices as well. 

The highest package for an enormous company can go up £10,000 and above. However, the luxury or highest rate packages offer you a consistent brand identity that includes the logo design, business cards, stationery templates, and an SEO-friendly website ready to launch. 

If you are a small business, you can avail of a logo design package from a reputable company within the budget. The only downside of the lowest logo design package is that you will have a limited option for design concepts, the design, and the revisions. However, with the premium logo design packages, you can have 8 designers dedicated to your company logo simultaneously. 

Final Verdict on logo design prices in UK

A logo design in UK can cost anywhere around £120 to at least £1000 depending on your requirements as well the background of the agency or the designer. It is advised to design your company logo from someone who uses pad tools, has experience and background, as well as offers you within budget logo designing packages. 

For a quality professional brand and logo identity, the designer will need the latest design software, tools, and materials along with your company brief and expectations.

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