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How Instagram Widget Helps Your Website Growth

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In this digital age, websites are considered the representatives of a brand. Hence, it becomes necessary to have a good-looking website to impact the visitors positively. And what could be a better option than enhancing vibrancy using a visual-based medium?

Businesses stay cautious while using visual content on the website as they are scared that they might affect the website speed and hamper the brand’s reputation. To counter this demerit, marketers have started embedding the Instagram widget on websites.

What are Instagram widgets?

Instagram widgets allow you to display Instagram posts on the website. It shows the user-generated content that is created and shared on Instagram. 

It can collect Instagram feeds using hashtags, account handles, mentions and tags. And it is compatible to stream images, videos, and all visual types of media. Moreover, these widgets are responsive, that means it adjusts itself according to the screen type. 

There are many tools in the market that allow you to embed Instagram widget on your website. We will discuss these tools later in this article, but first, let’s understand why you should embed Instagram feeds on websites.

How Instagram Widget Helps Your Business to Grow?

We all know how impactful Instagram is; it has a huge base of around 1.074 billion and hence consists of various user-based content. So what can be better than integrating one of the best social media platforms with your website? But if you still have doubts about this strategy, here are some major benefits:

1. Brings vibrancy to the website

As mentioned above, the digital age demands an attractive website. And for a long time, the visual-based medium has been the primary source to attract people as they are vibrant and provide a great vibe. 

Hence, adding an Instagram widget to the website is a smart and effective way to enhance the grace of the website. Moreover, these widgets do not even affect the speed of the website. They display all the content hassle feed and keep the visitor engaged.

2. Increases engagement

Instagram users are very creative and produce good entertaining content. So, when people discover them on your website, it will engage them, and eventually, they will be interested to see more of such content.

You can even embed an Instagram widget using your account handle and display the content from your Instagram account and share images and videos of your products.

3. Strengthen social media presence

In case you are using your Instagram handle as the source for your Instagram widget, then your visitors will be able to get a sneak into your Instagram account and if he likes your content he also has the option to follow your account. 

We all know in today’s world how important it is to have a strong follower base on social media accounts, as people often determine the reputation of the brand based on their social media strength.

So even if someone is unaware of your Instagram presence, then he will be able to know about it from your website. Another advantage of embedding your own account handle is that people will be able to recognize your real account. Because often there can be a case that there could be accounts with similar or your brand name posting fake and misleading content. And that could hamper your brand reputation. So, a widget will help visitors to recognize your account.

Similarly, suppose you are using hashtags, mentions, etc., as the source. In that case, the visitor will get a sneak peek into your Instagram chatter, and he will be able to view pictures and images of the people using your product/ discussing your product.

4. Provides social proofs

When people post pictures with your product or content related to your brand/product, it creates social proof. And many customers considered looking at social proofs before making their buying decisions. But sometimes they fail to find these proofs, so by showcasing them on the website. It eases their work, saves their time, and at the same time, it increases your brand reputation.

5. Boosts user-generated content 

A user feels valued when a brand showcases their content on the website, eventually encouraging them to produce more content related to that brand. And one cannot ignore the impact of UGC in this age of marketing. 

UGCs not only help brands to increase their brand recognition but also boost their reach. It is more effective than mouth publicity and helps in attaining a larger audience. 

So when you feature UGC related to your brand on the website, it will inspire other users to generate content for your business and get a feature on your website. 

Also, smiling faces and happy pictures create a positive impression and humanize the brand presence.

3 Best Tools to Embed Instagram Widget on Website

So, now you know some major benefits of this strategy, so now you will be eager to know how you can embed Instagram widgets on websites, hence for your convenience, we are listing 3 of the best tools in the market.

1. Tagembed Widget

If you are looking for an easy and quick way to embed Instagram feeds on the website, Tagembed is best for you. It is one of the best social media aggregators that provide great results at minimum cost. It helps users collect social media feeds from various social media platforms and then displays them beautifully on the website.

Moreover, it allows you to customize your feed by changing the font style, font size, theme, etc. of the widget and make it according to your style. These measures bring grace to the website and make it more appealing to the users. In addition, you can even filter out all unwanted content from the feed by using the moderation filter. 

The tool is very simple to use and it takes only 3 easy steps and within minutes, your website will be ready to show Instagram feeds. Alongside Instagram, the tool is compatible with 15+ social media platforms and runs all kinds of media without any hassle.

The tool is free; you can sign up, start your free account, showcase your Instagram feed on your website, and enjoy great web traffic.

2. Lightwidget

As the name suggests, it is a lightweight tool that provides a responsive feed that loads very fast. It collects the feeds from Instagram and displays them on your website without any hassle. You can integrate multiple Instagram accounts. And offers 3 base types of widgets to showcase feeds, you can choose from grid, slider, and masonry.

3. WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

WPZOOM social feed widget provides a responsive WordPress widget that displays Instagram feed on your profile. The tool is easy to use and provides a user-friendly interface. In addition, the plugin is customizable and helps you in making your website more appealing to visitors.

Summing It Up

Instagram is an influential social media platform, and integrating it with the website is a smart tactic to gain more audience and attain more sales. Embedding the Instagram widget to the website is a cost-effective and amazing way to integrate your website with Instagram. It not only increases the vibrancy of your website but also assists in gathering brand recognition.

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