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How Important Are JavaScript Developers?

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Modern websites need JavaScript in order to be competitive. In fact, when you say modern websites, they need to function using the JavaScript language or they won’t be considered modern at all. 

This is how important JavaScript is: Close to 95% of all websites around the world actually use it. 

What is JavaScript?

To put it simply, JavaScript is a programming language that allows web pages to have complex features. This means that if you have this scripting language, the web page isn’t just a body text with a smattering of images.

The web pages are actually moving and if you press a button, you will be taken to another page or you will simply find another web feature. 

JavaScript is necessary for businesses to be competitive in today’s world. 

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A JavaScript developer can make web pages dynamic. This makes the website more attractive. Nobody wants to look at anything static for a period of time. It’s boring. 

But it’s more than that! JavaScript can also make websites interactive. Now, this is definitely important.

Effect of COVID-19 in businesses

No business was immune to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most startups or small businesses suffered an economic loss at the peak of the pandemic last year. 

This brought to light how important it is to have an interactive website, one that will allow people to buy things without having to go out of their house. 

This type of website will definitely need a JavaScript developer. 

You see, JavaScript has always been a client-side scripting language. It was originally developed that way even if it has evolved to be more than that today. Still, many websites still use this type of computer language in a client-side manner. 

This allowed developers to write the custom client-side language in JavaScript so that it would be easily integrated into the HTML. 

The advantage of this is that even if too much is going on, the load will not affect the instantaneous response. 

However, writing server-side code is just as important as using JavaScript. The same could be performed seamlessly in collaboration with Node.js, which is a cross-platform runtime engine. This way, developers don’t have to depend on external web servers all the time. 

Using Node.js, a web developer can write both the server-side and client-side code just using JavaScript. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. 

Basically, it is simplifying the coding process. As such, websites only became more sophisticated. More importantly, the websites become more responsive. 

UI & UX design

Of course, having a responsive website isn’t all just JavaScript. After all, JavaScript is basically just a language. What is clear is that there is no such thing as responsive design without this script. 

So, what makes a responsive design? This happens when you have a well-designed user experience or UX. It’s all in the name actually. UX is how a user interacts with the website. If their experience is good, then you know that it was a responsive website with a truly good UX design. 

UX design is what makes a website responsive. A website is responsive when it continues to be functional and neat whatever device it is opened on. 

That’s just the thing. Today, you can open a website on mobile devices. With a very small phone, you may have a very terrible web design. So, it has to be optimized for mobile devices. That’s the role of the UX designer. 

Of course, that’s not possible if it is not written in the JavaScript language. 

Knowing how important JavaScript developers are, it’s also worth noting that technology is always evolving. These developers have to evolve with the times as well. 

This means that they can’t just be satisfied with where they are at just because they are extremely important. 

JavaScript may be the most important language now, but this could change in the next couple of years. 

As such, JavaScript developers should continue to learn. They should also continue to take on challenges to make websites better. 

Tomorrow, there might be a new language that will be even more important. 

These developers surely have it in them to just continue growing as needs have also been upgraded. A couple of decades ago, websites were not that important. Marketing was the most important business tool then. 

Nowadays, the website is part of the marketing tool. No business could make it big without a highly functional website. Bigger companies have even expanded their online presence to social media and mobile applications.

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