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How Good is Norton Antivirus for Our Computers?

Norton is a well-established name in the antivirus business. From 1991, Symantec has been selling the Norton Antivirus products. Norton is considered to be the most effective antivirus software on the market, giving full coverage across a variety of devices.

When it is about lab tests, Norton has got the best score from AV-Test Institute as well as performed excellently on various third-party tests. While West Coast Labs and ICSA Labs don’t check Norton Antivirus software, jointly they certify the software for malware detection as well as removal. The most independent tests discovered that it is identified as well as blocked 80% of popular threats. That is a pretty significant feat.

As we will consider in our Norton review below, there are many aspects to review before buying an antivirus product, having all the features, accuracy as well as ho the product works, and consider any drawbacks. Our full Norton review will seek out the highs and lows as well as everything in them so you can be a knowledgeable customer and make the right selection.


Norton antivirus comes in many bundles with various features, depending on what your requirements are. All types of Norton antivirus are suited with Windows as well as macOS systems and tablets, as well as smartphones which work on Android plus IOS systems at the lowest cost. The number of devices supported in every package also differs. Our Norton antivirus analysis assumes you have decided on the perfect package according to your requirements.

Spyware, Malware as Well as Ransomware Scans

When it is about detecting as well as removing malware plus ransomware, Norton is efficient as well as a reliable solution. Each version includes a complete suite of spyware, antivirus, malware, as well as ransomware protection. During third-party tests, AV-Test discovered that the software disposed of 100% of well-known threats, and discovered to be very effective when it is about zero-day for malware threats. When it is about disposing of these threats, Norton works better than any other software.

It is an advantage of Norton that it copes with the problem instantly. Without seeking the permission of the user Norton detects and works on the problem. Plus, to handle ransomware threats in an accurate manner Symantec Endpoint Protection twelve software is created.

Email Scans

Norton’s email scan secures your devices from any dangerous viruses or other various threats which may come in the form of seemingly harmless emails. These scans for email can be customized according to you as well as change what Norton must do when it encounters a dangerous email or attachment.

The framework, on-access checking nature of Norton is most popular for antivirus as well as anti-malware programs which make sure that if you download an attachment which is infected, is suddenly flagged as well as quarantined.

Norton also provides email timeout protection to make sure that there is always a link with your email program when you download a large file. Availability of email scan protection is for all email programs which use either SMTP or POP3. You can easily learn more by clicking on

Download Protection

Norton provides a live site adviser that scans each link when you click it. This makes sure that you can browse the internet with a sense of security. The refined scanner checks online from every part for spyware, as well as spam and phishing viruses. There is a choice to configure download protection. For example, you can configure Norton to block all questionable downloads without getting the option for downloading them.

Resource Usage

One disadvantage of Norton’s antivirus is that has to be specified in any good review is its system resource usage. The company has improved it in previous releases. Norton is kindly notorious for installing many different processes which all run in the background to support the software. These can eat a great amount of memory (RAM), as well as use a good amount of processor volume. It can even delay the highest-end systems.

On-demand scanning is as good as all other antivirus programs, in which it does not utilize many resources while in use. In fact, if you are running a really exhaustive scan you are unable to observe that Norton is working in the background. A number of tests discovered that Norton consumes less than 1% of CPU as well as only 7 MB of memory. The latest users may notice the variation in speed; most are not able to notice the change.

Real-Time Scanning

Background or real-time scanning acts in the method common to most important antivirus programs in the trade today. The software enables an agent or process in the specific case, many which run in the background every time. It images any potentially threatening downloads, files, programs, etc.

We are very fascinated by Norton’s real-time scanning which stops almost every threat in real-time. Many tests tell that it was an expert at stopping almost 80 percent of threats in real-time. But, we don’t prefer the way the software makes you aware of real-time threats. When any threat is picked by antivirus, an alert with small window pops and then disappears. This is not at all helpful for an important alert.

Privacy Policy

While complete legal research of the Norton Antivirus/Symantec company privacy policy will need a full separate document, apart of our Norton review, we will say that it is clearly detailed as well as comprehensive. They fulfill with the EU’s latest GDPR policies, have robust privacy as well as data security regulations in place. They also have a wide area on their website with product transparency information.

Norton is the best choice for those who are seeking easy but powerful antivirus protection. It has the most competitive prices for individual user plans. For those who need multiple devices, different options may provide better pricing.

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